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Chris Henry and The Hardcore Grass Kicking Off New Triple Project

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Chris Henry and The Hardcore GrassChris Henry and The Hardcore Grass formed to play one night a week in Nashville, and things have really taken off. It's time for us to record some music. The group has gone online with the Kickstarter program in an effort to raise funds for their triple bluegrass music album recording project. The project is extensive as it includes more than just a single album and is quite large in scope.

The plan is to record three albums in July. One is going to be the band's best original material. This will include songs like "Walkin' West to Memphis", "Ocean of Dreams", and "J-O-B". It will also include the best material from the project Chris did for his mom, Murphy's 60th birthday which was to write 60 songs and tunes for her.

Along with the band's best new ones, they will also record the traditional songs and tunes they do the best. Then they are going to record a "bluegrass hits" album including the songs that they get the most requests for at their Nashville shows. Songs like "Man of Constant Sorrow", "RockyTop", and the like. The third album they are going to do is going to be an all Gospel album with about 10 of the most popular Gospel songs like "I Saw the Light", "I'll Fly Away", "Will the Circle Be Unbroken", "Amazing Grace", and some of Chris' original gospel numbers.

It's expensive to make albums and they need your help. They are planning on recording in analog to 2-inch tape the way the old recordings were originally done. After that, Chris is going to have the files digitized so he can mix and master the album himself.

Chris says, "We're planning to start touring in August, so we're hoping to have the whole project launched around August 1st which means we need to work quickly. We can do it, but we really need your help. The music they are making and going to record is in a style that they believe people are wanting to hear more of - straight up, traditional bluegrass. So, if you wish there was more traditional bluegrass out there - here is your chance to help pave the way."

Join in and help them get these three albums out the door for other to enjoy and, spread the word about this traditional band along the way. The band's KickStarter Project Page has all the information on their album trio bluegrass music project. It allowscriptaccess=

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