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CMA Research Reveals Music Consumption Insights Among Country Music Fans

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Country Music AssociationCybergrass frequently shares insights, research and educational material from the Country Music scene because of much of it applies equally to Bluegrass Music. This is the latest news from the Country Music Association (CMA) on a new study.

Nashville, TN -- As part of its ongoing research and membership services initiatives, the Country Music Association announced today results from its recent Music Listening Study.

Country Music fans are avid radio listeners and doing as much radio listening as ever. Compared to a year ago, 87 percent of respondents are listening to local Country Radio stations as much or more, with 18-24 year olds being twice as likely to listen to more Country Music than the prior year. Loyalty is a top influencer for choosing Country Radio as evidenced by 75 percent of listeners reporting they have been listening to the same station for years.

Radio Listening Behavior via Traditional and Alternative Outlets; Tune-in Influencers and New Artist and New Song Discovery and Purchasing Among Survey Topics

While AM/FM car radio is the top source Country Music fans tap for music listening, fans are also fueling their passion for music online as well. Listening to music online via a desktop or laptop computer ranks second with 74 percent of Country Music fans reporting this listening behavior. Of those online listeners, Country Music fans currently prefer Pandora over Spotify at a ratio of nearly 2 to 1.

Radio and Online channels are great sources for discovering new artists and songs. Country Music fans utilize all radio outlets as their primary source for new artist and song discovery followed by music video channels.

Country Music fans plan to continue to support their favorite artists by buying more music. Nearly 30 percent of respondents plan to purchase more Country Music by means of digital tracks, digital CDs, and physical CDs in the next 12 months.

The survey was conducted online with a random sample of 1,109 respondents aged 18+ from the CMA Insider Fan Panel, a group of more than 13,000 Country Music fans recruited from various industry social nets and events. Respondents were queried on their favorite methods to purchase and listen to music and discover new artists and songs, as well as their loyalty to the genre.

CMA’s research reports are a benefit of CMA membership. The complete findings of this and previous studies are available on CMA’s members-only website at

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