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A First Look at Bluegrass Banjo

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Adirondack Folk SchoolThe Adirondack Folk schook in Lake Luzerne, New York is offering a fun class, "A First Look at Bluegrass Banjo" Monday, July 30, 2012 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. This class will emphasize the 3-finger or Bluegrass style of banjo playing, in the standard open g tuning: gDGBD. The old time or frailing style will be briefly demonstrated. First you will look at 5 different kinds of 5-string banjos that are available; open-back, resonator, fretless, riverboat and cookie-tin, and show the differences in the sounds just by plucking strings.
Then you will be introduced to approximately 10 different bluegrass banjo rolls that are so much a part of the sound, and put these together with 3 different left handed chord shapes. See how they work together to accompany other instruments, and eventually play so that a melody can be recognized.

Participants should come to class with a playable 5-string banjo. Ages 5 - 11 (parent with child welcome) - maximum of 10 children. tuition is $40 for the half day class.

Instructor Mac Petrequin has been playing Bluegrass Banjo for about 35 years. A full-time math teacher by day, Mac not only enjoys playing but teaching others as well. He has been giving private lessons for years in the area. Mac also plays Dobro guitar and upright bass.

The Adirondack Folk School offers a variety of courses related to the banjo. A list can be found on their website in the music area. They also offer a variety of courses on other arts and cultural areas.

The Adirondack Folk School is the only school of its kind in the country dedicated to teaching the arts, crafts and culture of this unique Adirondack region. Located in Lake Luzerne, they are situated in the southern Adirondack Park, a park of over six million acres of “forever wild” protected land. The beauty and natural abundance of this environment influenced the skilled artisans that created the pack basket, twig furniture, birch bark containers, the Adirondack chair, the guide boat and the Adirondack lean-to. These are the home furnishings, boats, and decor still found in cabins, lodges and homes today throughout the region which have helped create the unique “Adirondack Style”. Today, the region hosts these and numerous other creative forms of expression. The Adirondack Folk School is located at 51 Main Street, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

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