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Adult Bluegrass Boot Camp Returns to Summergrass 2011

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Summergrass LogoRemember heading home from that local bluegrass concert so inspired you couldn't wait to get your fingers on the strings of your instrument, or after jamming the whole weekend at that festival with your friends telling you, "You should be up there- you can play as good as that guy!" Bluegrass Boot Camp at Summergrass San Diego wants you!!

With amazingly talented and accomplished instructors in an intimate, personal group setting, Bluegrass Boot Camp will push you to take your skills to the next level. The classes are almost full, and enlistment is closing for 2011. And, now they have a free gift for all boot campers!!

Enlist Now! And receive this free gift at registration from 9-9:30 AM, Saturday, August 20th. All Boot Campers will be able to pick one CD from an assortment of great bluegrass CDs free of charge. The CD giveaway will be done on a first come, first served basis. So, for best selection, attend on time! (maybe even a little early!) Attending Boot Camp 2011 will really increase your "bluegrass happiness factor." Stellar Boot Camp instruction and a great new CD. It's Bluegrass Nirvana!

Here are just a few comments received from our Boot Camp attendees.

I have not played in many years nor attended a bluegrass festival. However, because of the workshop I will now go to as many concerts and workshops as my time allows. The class was great and the instructor was excellent. Once again many thanks for a great festival. - R.R.

I thank you for creating this set of workshops at Summergrass this year! I am living on S.S. only and cannot afford to take private or small group lessons at $50 - $75 a crack. So to be able to have a 4 hour workshop session with Dennis Caplinger was a real GIFT to me! This session was incredible. The greatest need I had going there was met by Dennis. I am so grateful I attended and I believe I was the first one to enroll. Now several banjo picker friends of mine wish they had attended. A real "Hats Off!" to Dennis!! - K.S.

Congratulations on the first boot camp. It was well run and the instructors were excellent. - C.B.

Excellent concept by the Summergrass committee. Stellar class! If this year 2010, was a test, I hope that the classes will be offered every year. They fill a void for those of us too old, (and too ugly), for Kid's Camp. Summergrass just keeps gettin' better! - M.M.

For any fiddlers out there that would like a fiddle workshop, Tom Sauber, probably the best old time fiddler in California (my opinion) will be giving a workshop. If it's anything like the one done by Megan Lynch last year, that was a great workshop. Not too late to sign up! - A.S.

[My wife and I] both attended the Adult Boot Camp. We both agreed, our overall rating was AWESOME. I left with about 5 things that will expand my playing. By the end of the lesson, I had a pretty good idea of what I don't know, and the tools to work on it. Your volunteers were friendly, helpful and really cared about what they were doing. Bravo! - B.S.

This year's camp takes place on Saturday, August 20th, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM, and Sunday, Aug. 21st, 12 noon-2 PM. Seven boot camp classes are taught by these pros: Banjo (Dennis Caplinger), Lead Guitar (John Moore), Rhythm Guitar (Eric Uglum), Mandolin (Patrick Sauber), Bass (Glen Fisher), Vocal Harmony (Herb Pedersen), and Fiddle (Tom Sauber). Boot Camp tuition is $85 and includes 5 hours of instruction, and all instruction materials. Class size is limited to 10 students, giving attendees more access to their instructors. To register and get more information, go to and click on Adult Boot Camp, or email Dan at or call 619-203-5337. Don't miss out on this unique seminar! Enlist in Bluegrass Boot Camp Today!

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