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Prescription Bluegrass and Red Desert Violin Offer Free Fiddle Lesson

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Prescription Bluegrass and Red Desert ViolinsPrescription Bluegrass and Red Desert Violin are excited to announce an absolutely FREE beginning fiddle lesson for bluegrass fans. “We realize that many folks may have wanted to learn a bluegrass instrument for quite some time but have been intimidated by myths about the difficulty of learning,” said Brian McNeal, host of the Prescription Bluegrass radio program.

Using the teaching model of “Make It and Take It”, Red Desert Violin's on-line instructor, Lora Staples, says with just this first 30 minute lesson, you should be able to play a respectable version of “Boil Them Cabbage Down” a well-known bluegrass and old-time standard. With her teaching style, she is confident students can just “Grab it and Go” - "Instant Gratification!"

“If you could learn that in 30 minutes, just imagine what you could learn with a little more time and practice,” says Ms Staples.

The free lesson comes with no strings attached, “...except the ones on your fiddle and bow,” she chuckles. No obligation, no sign-up, no credit card. Just a free gift from Prescription Bluegrass and Red Desert Violin to help alleviate fears of learning and to help dreams come true. The lesson is a gift to help influence the growth and replentishment of new bluegrass players to the worldwide community.

The Prescription Bluegrass Blog and Prescription Bluegrass Radio website will host the free video lesson and instructor Lora Staples will be available via email for consultation should a person get stuck.

Music is more fun with friends, and anyone wishing to learn is invited to share the video with friends and family who can also get the free lesson. “There is no restriction or limitation,” said McNeal.

Prescription Bluegrass Radio is heard on numerous terrestrial and Internet radio stations around the world, and the Prescription Bluegrass Blog serves the worldwide bluegrass community with news specific to the genre. The radio program, which has been on the air since 2006, is hosted by broadcast veteran Brian McNeal, who also serves as the blog's chief editor and graphic artist.

Red Desert Violin, although a relatively new on-line learning institution for fiddle and violin, already boasts of over 200 successful students who've gone from the most basic beginning lesson to a variety of musical environments including contests, jamming, band and solo performers and expansion into other instruments. Owner Lora Staples says, “Have fun! Don’t be afraid! Think more, work less. There is no harm in a shortcut, and you don’t have to suffer for success!” Red Desert Violin is as close as you can get to private lessons.

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