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Maxida Märak Collaborates with Sweden's Downhill Bluegrass Band

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Mountain SongsDownhill Bluegrass Band from Sweden is one of Europe's most prodigious and respected bluegrass music bands. they are well known and highly regarded in both Europe and the U.S. where they have toured several times. On invitation, they performed more than once at the IBMA Awards in Nashville on account of their excellent playing skills and unique sound, as well as their songwriting abilities.

Downhill Bluegrass Band has performed at festivals throughout Europe and America. Most of their repertoire is their own material and, some of their songs have been recorded by both American and European artists.

Their album, Mountain Songs includes Maxida Märak, a member of the Swedish indigenous Sami people, who collaborates with the Downhill Bluegrass Band on the musical project that blends bluegrass with traditional Sami folk music. Maxida alternates modern singing with the traditional Sami/Lappish singing, "yolk". This single contains two tracks, "The Mountain" by Steve Earle and "East of the Mountains" written by Jonas Kjellgren. Look for a full length album in the future.

Sweden Downhill Bluegrass BandDownhill Bluegrass Band was formed by Jonas and Kenneth Kjellgren with the intentions to play traditionally rooted bluegrass with a contemporary flair. Sharing the same musical ideas and sources for inspiration they started to play together in 1998. Since then they have released four cd:s, the last one with only original material written by songwriter and mandolinist Jonas Kjellgren.

The band members today are: Jonas Kjellgren on mandolin and vocals, Kenneth Kjellgren on banjo, Magnus Sundström on guitar and vocals, Kajsa Westin on bass and vocals and Nicke Widen on dobro and Ivor Ottley on fiddle.

Former line ups have held Jan Ekman on dobro, Hans Wahlstedt on guitar and vocals, Christoffer Olsson, now inG2 Bluegrass Band on guitar and vocals, and Jimmy Sunnebrandt now inJames King Band, on bass and vocals, Ryan Drickey fiddle inFinders and Youngberg, Ivor Ottley fiddle, amongst others.

Through the years Jonas Kjellgren and Kenneth Kjellgren have remained the corner stone of the band.

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