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Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike Present Bluegrass in the Schools

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Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike Schools ProgramTeachers for a Day Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike visited the schools in Winchester, TN on October 5th to teach about the history of Bluegrass music. She was doing this program, sponsored by the South Jackson Civic Center, to introduce bluegrass music to the students. Award winning vocalist, Valerie is a lifetime member of the International Bluegrass Music Museum.

Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike visited the schools in Tullahoma and Winchester, TN for the South Jackson Civic Center. They taught about the instruments in a bluegrass band and also the history of the "Father of Bluegrass", Bill Monroe. The program also includes the names of the original Bluegrass Boys and the instruments they played in Bill Monroe's band. The program is a lot of fun for the band and the students and interactive. Good for all ages and is a solid addition for any school curriculum program.

Here is a video of the program as they presented it...

Valerie devotes a great deal to music education. At this year's IBMA conference, Valerie Smith was mentoring in Nashville. She always has enjoyed visiting with upcoming vocalists and helping them with any challenges that are ahead!

Valerie and her band, Liberty Pike, have an active touring schedule and you can read more about her, the band and get schedule information at Valerie Smith Online.

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