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JR Rudd to Release Red Oak and Ash February 26th

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Red Oak and AshThe debut, 13 track album by JR Rudd - Red Oak and Ash - will be released Tuesday, February 26th 2013. Accustom to live solo performances, JR Rudd recruited his favorite St Louis musicians to perform on much of Red Oak and Ash. The guest musicians include Chris Powers (7 Shot Screamers, Griddle Kids), Jerry Green (The Potomac Accord), Mae Soule (North of The Quarter, Salty Dogg), Andy Benn (The Potomac Accord) and Art Link (South Outer Forty, Michael Terry Group).

JR Rudd's unique songwriting skills come from his ability to create simple arrangements based on traditional folk and bluegrass rhythms while infusing current jam band like attitudes. In their performance, JR Rudd's songs are full of energy and convey a toneful and true sound to showcase each acoustic instrument.

When a mandolin solo is heard, it is not just a well written and performed part, it's a representation of a great sounding mandolin with harmonics not often experienced outside of a live environment, thus making even the simplest of riffs a memorable example of how the acoustic instrument sounds. In simpler terms, Red Oak and Ash is an acoustic album that celebrates ideal and true acoustic sounds as much as the progressions and style of those sounds.

JR Rudd is an independent musician with intentions to responsibly manage and promote his publication rights. The material is 100% original and current, making for a more desirable product for licensing in TV and film. JR Rudd will continue to perform live in St Louis and its surrounding region as well as promote to college and independent radio. All of these efforts, along with the material, will maintain the relevance and timeliness of any published reviews.

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