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20th Christmas Time's A Comin' featuring "In the Heat of the Night" Cast and Friends

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Randall Franksby Randall Franks
Randall Franks has shared a video with you on YouTube, Christmas Time's A Comin' - In the Heat of the Night Cast and Bluegrass Friends. Tex Logan's Christmas Time's A Comin' became the mainstay bluegrass Christmas song after a recording performed by Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys.

In this historic production from the "In the Heat of the Night" Cast and Friends CD produced by Randall Franks and Alan Autry, Franks orchestrated two unique happenings in bluegrass music history:

  1. the first recording combining the cast of a hit television drama with a list of bluegrass stars and
  2. the first and possibly the only recording combining these 10 legendary bluegrass acts on one song. Included are nine members of the IBMA Bluegrass Hall of Fame and six former members of Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys including the triple fiddle performance featuring Chubby Wise, Buddy Spicher and Randall Franks. It also incorporates the banjo stylings of Ralph Stanley, Little Roy Lewis and Doug Dillard.

Actor and "In the Heat of the Night" executive producer Carroll O'Connor was so impressed with the performance, he personally chose it to be the title cut for the CD.

The project was recorded in 1991 at five studios, Master Sound and Southern Tracks in Atlanta, Ga., the Warehouse Recording Studio in Jacksonville, Fl. and Cinderella Studio and the Home Place in Nashville, Tenn. Engineers were Jeff Tomei, Tag George, Tom Markham, Bart Stone, Wayne Moss and Ben Hall.

Featured in this video are In the Heat of the Night Cast members Carroll O'Connor, Alan Autry, David Hart, Geoffrey Thorne, Hugh O'Connor, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Randall Franks, Bob Penny and Sharon Pratt . Among the Bluegrass Friends are (In order of appearance): Chubby Wise, Josh Graves, Buddy Spicher, Jesse McReynolds, Ralph Stanley, Jimmy Martin, The Lewis Family, Doug Dillard, Wayne Lewis, Jim McReynolds, Mac Wiseman, Bill Everett (guitar), and Gene Daniell (bass).

Additional Heat Choir: Bart DeHaven, Debbie Farley & Bridgette Langston

Interviews: Mac Wiseman, Ralph Stanley, Jim and Jesse
The Home Place, Nashville, Tenn.

Video Director: Randall Franks
Videography: Doug Wilmer, Conquest Productions; Randall Franks, Home Place Studios

Recording footage: Master Sound, Atlanta, Ga.; Southern Tracks, Atlanta, Ga. The Home Place, Nashville, Tenn.; Waldo Bluegrass Festival, Waldo, Fl.; Dahlonega Bluegrass Festival, Dahlonega, Ga. executive producer Carroll O

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