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The Roys Recap 2012 with Video Summary

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The RoysNashville, TN -- The Roys' career exploded in 2012, thanks to a continuing blitz of TV appearances, impact at radio and performances at top-tier festivals and venues across the U.S., Canada and in Australia. The Roys brought Bluegrass to the small screen this year with a host of appearances on network and cable outlets.

In case you missed their performances, you can view them via the links provided:

Additionally, the siblings appeared on the PBS programs Pa's Fiddle: Charles Ingalls, American Fiddler and Song of the Mountains; RFD-TV's Reno's Old Time Music Festival; CMC Australia/Sky TV-U.K. Bluegrass Mountains TV Show and the Dr. Steve Show.

The Roys Year End 2012 Video

The duo aligned with Team RealTree™ Outdoor Energy Drink for a strategic partnership that includes tour sponsorship. The Roys travel to their shows in a distinctly-wrapped RealTree™ camouflage bus, which was named for their critically-acclaimed 2011 CD, Lonesome Whistle.

Lee and Elaine's sophomore disc for Rural Rhythm Records, NEW DAY DAWNING, was released in August and immediately found a home at radio and on the charts. The EP debuted at Number 2 on the BILLBOARD Bluegrass Albums Chart in early September and two weeks later climbed toNumber 1 on Amazon's Bluegrass Best Sellers list. Additionally, the week of September 21, all of the songs from the EP owned positions on the Bluegrass Today Chart, making The Roys the first-ever act to hold that honor. Currently, NDD holds the Number 34 spot on the current Roots Music Report - TOP 50 Bluegrass Albums Chart.

Radio programmers continue to embrace the energetic duo, describing their unique and vibrant Bluegrass style, powerful songwriting and pleasing personalities:

"Elaine and Lee have such a gift for finding great songs and they sing wonderfully. They are fun to talk to as well. We had such a good time chatting with them about their new release, NEW DAY DAWNING."
- Kyle Cantrell, SiriusXM Radio

"The Roys embody all the qualities necessary to take Bluegrass music to new heights, but most importantly, a deep respect and passion for the music."
- Terry Herd, Bluegrass Radio Network

"Lee and Elaine have crafted the perfect follow-up to LONESOME WHISTLE with NEW DAY DAWNING. The minute I heard 'Still Standing' I knew it had to be on our playlist ASAP; we LOVE it! The melody and chorus just stick to ya, and I gotta believe that it's THE breakout hit for them."
- Joe Limardi, 650 AM WSM

"The Roys are compassionate people who have found a unique way to use their music to spread a positive message and inspire those with whom they come in contact. Their latest release continues this tradition through both their writing and performance."
- Cindy Baucom, Knee-Deep In Bluegrass

The "explosion" that was 2012 is nearly over for The Roys. The holidays are upon us and it's time for family and friends. Fans can keep up with the latest on Lee and Elaine at, Facebook and Twitter.315

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