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Lance Kinney on What is Bluegrass Anyway (WIBA) at ICMC 2013

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Lance KinneyThe International Country Music Conference (ICMC) virtually always has a solid representation of Bluegrass Music oriented sessions and ICMC 2013 is no exception. The ICMC is pleased that long time ICMC friend Lance Kinney of Nick Saban University (NSU), formerly known as the University of Alabama -- will be presenting and dealing with the thorny WIBA issue--What Is Bluegrass Anyway?! If you have read or heard debates on BGRASS-L, or elsewhere, WIBA is not for the feint of heart!

Kinney will deal with “What Is Bluegrass Anyway: In Search Of Parameters and Definitions.” He indicates that he will be “analyzing what many consider the real bedrock of Bluegrass, Monroe's recordings with his 1946 band” and “will examine those recordings structurally and aesthetically to start the defining bluegrass conversation.”

You may not agree completely with Lance Kinney, but you’ll definitely know where he stands! Watch for a Bluegrass presentation by Katy Leonard of Birmingham Southern to be announced as the second session in the time slot with Kinney. Leonard’s presentation is not designed as a rebuttal to Kinney, but it will certainly provide fascinating thoughts about Bill Monroe and the nature of innovation, continuity, and change in Bluegrass.

The ICMC will also feature bluegrass and banjo artist/historian Murphey Henry on Women in Bluegrass. Published articles will make it into the International Country Music Journal.

James Akenson of the ICMC writes, "Receiving Murphy Henry’s proposals was particularly pleasing! Murphy will be dealing with a significant topic “Enduring Issues In Bluegrass: Pretty Good For A Girl.” ICMC has considered the role of women to be worth consistent attention whether as individual presentations, as topics for the Charles K. Wolfe Memorial Panel, or as the focus for the ICMC keynote."

In addition, watch for Murphy’s book--Pretty Good For a Girl: Women in Bluegrass-- to be published the the University Illinois Press by the time ICMC 2013 convenes. No doubt Illinois Press acquisitions editor, and long time ICMC friend, Laurie Matheson will have it on display and she just might be willing to make a copy available for the Saturday luncheon door prizes!

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