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Bluegrass Artist Conor Mulroy Adds More Shows to His Winter Schedule

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Conor MulroyHarpswell, ME -- Composer, multi-instrumentalist and modern bluegrass artist Conor Mulroy announces more shows for his winter schedule in the southern and midwestern regions. He continues to take music to the masses. He’s touring in support of his fourth independent release Foxfire. Foxfire is currently the #1 ranking college radio album at WERU - FM in East Orland, Maine.

Foxfire is a sweet blend of bluegrass and classical music as interpreted through a progressive jazz lens. Imagine music that blends together elements from each of these styles, but still cannot be categorized into any one of these genres. The title is an homage to a specific type of algae that glows a bioluminescent blue at night and can only be found in certain areas of Appalachia.

Mulroy considers song form the most overlooked and yet most obvious facet of the craft of songwriting to expand upon. For him it is almost like reading a "Choose Your Own Adventure” game book. The stories are written from a second-person point of view with the reader assuming the role of the protagonist and making choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome. When you hit a dead end you can always retrace your steps and pick up where you dropped the pace.

“I started learning different instruments when I was studying classical guitar in high school because I wasn't able to improvise on guitar. I originally learned mandolin by ear and found it opened new doors when it came to writing. When I started to apply myself with the discipline I learned from studying classical guitar to composition and practice, I was able to approach composition in new ways and composing on different instruments gave me a whole new palette to work with,” says Conor.

“It’s nice to hear a young talent like Mulroy being ambitious with album-length concepts when singles and EPs are what we’re getting more of.” -Aaron Keith Harris, Lonesome Road Reviews

“.....delightful, rollicking, high-spirited blend of fiddles, guitars and mandolins, completely saturated with an incredibly rich melody, making it as toe-tappingly awesome as it gets.” -AJ Scarcella, eitheror

Conor Mulroy has been a student of music since picking up his first guitar at age 8. He has traveled the globe leading groups in performance halls and recording sessions with ensembles ranging from solo instruments to orchestras. He plays mandolin, guitar, 5 string banjo, piano, and bass among many other instruments.

He has written music for orchestra, film, the concert hall and ensembles ranging from acoustic to metal and everything in between. He recently received a master’s degree in music composition from the University of Southern Maine, where he studied composition with Dan Sonenberg.

He also owns his own record label, Melmac Records, through which he has independently released three records already: Salinger, The Glass Ocean, The Unwinding Path. Foxfire is currently available for sale online at iTunes and Amazon.

The dates are:

  • 01/16 -- Portland, ME -- Dogfish Bar and Grille
  • 01/19 -- Ann Arbor, MI -- Greenwood Coffee House
  • 01/22 -- Minneapolis, MN -- In-Studio Performance on “Bluegrass Review”
  • 01/22 -- Minneapolis, MN -- Aster Cafe
  • 01/23 -- Chicago, IL -- The Horseshoe
  • 01/24 -- Indianapolis, IN -- Lazy Daze Coffee House
  • 01/26 -- Cincinnati, OH -- Sitwell's Coffee House
  • 02/08 -- Rochester, NY -- The Coffee Connection
  • 02/12 -- Raleigh, NC -- Deep South
  • 02/13 -- Baltimore, MD -- Joe Squared
  • 02/14 -- Staten Island, NY -- The Full Cup
  • 02/15 -- Trenton, NJ -- Mill Hill Basement
  • 02/16 -- Burlington, VT -- Nectars

For more on Conor Mulroy, visit,,, or www.reverbnation/conormulroy

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