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2012 Central Canadian Bluegrass Award Winners Announced

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Sherry Philp AwardThe Northern Bluegrass Committee has announced the winners of the 2012 Central Canadian Bluegrass Awards. The Committee congragulates all of the recipients and to all the nominees. It is a lot of work for the people involved in this business but, if you love bluegrass, its just a whole bunch of fun too! This year's attendance was almost a thousand bluegrass fans and friends.

The bluegrass music group Hard Ryde walked away with four categories winning the awards for Composer (Melissa Sherman), Recording ("Composed"), Bass Player (Richard Koop), and Mandolin Player (will Meadows). Guitarist Mark Roy received the Five Year Honor Award for capturing Guitar Player of the year five times putting him into the Hall of Fame.

Jim McNulty of Traditionally Wound was awarded Male Vocalist of the year. Traditionally Wound also captured the Instrumental Group and Overall Group awards giving the group three honors.

This year's Guitar Player of the year award went to Steve Petico of Pine Road. Pine Road also captured the Female Vocalist of the year for Jan Purcell.

Rhyme 'n' Reason captured Gospel Group and Vocal Group of the Year honors giving the group a fine pair of awards.

Other instrumental awards went to Doug Van Den Kieboom (Bluegrass Edition) for Dobro Player of the year. The Banjo award went to Sherry Philp (Concession 23) who also received the Five Year Honor Award for Female Vocalist. The Fiddle Player honors went to Randy Morrison of Flatt River.

Disc Jockey honors went to David Blakney. Winterline was recognized as the Promising Group for 2012 and the top Entertainer prize was awarded to Bill White of White Pine.

Now, Northern Bluegrass is gearing up for the 2013 awards and a lot of great music before they are announced. Bluegrass music is alive and well and is in good hands in Central Canada!

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