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New Online Learning System for Bluegrass Music Lovers

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Layne PublicationsGreenville, SC -- Individuals willing to master the techniques of playing bluegrass music can now get all necessary support from the comfort of their home. Renowned online bluegrass music directory Layne Publications has recently launched a new system that makes learning fast, easy and fun. Since 2005 Layne Publications has been the premier source for Bluegrass Music Instruction and learning.

It is no longer difficult to learn how to play with a bluegrass band. Popular online platform Layne Publications has just launched an advanced learning system that allows individuals to learn every aspect of bluegrass music from a renowned expert. Layne Publications is well known amongst music fanatics as the largest online collection of bluegrass tabs. These tabs are key components of this advanced learning system and are recorded with the highest level of professionalism.

Layne Publications was created by bluegrass music expert Jordan Layne Bourland in 2005. In order to offer maximum benefits to music lovers, Jordan has himself written the mandolin, guitar tablature, and banjo tabs available in the website. Each of these bluegrass tabs consist of one chord chart and two innovatively recorded MP3 backing tracks. One of these tracks is recorded without the specific instrument, providing students an experience similar to plying with a bluegrass band.

To add variety to the learning experience, new banjo, guitar and mandolin tabs are regularly introduced to the website. Discussing his future plans, Jordan says, "We look forward to adding more benefits for all our students in the days to come. Our long term goal is to help every student become an expert in bluegrass music".

Since 2005 Layne Publications has been the premier source for Bluegrass Instruction and learning. They have sold thousands of tabs and helped thousands of players improve their ability in the comfort of their own home. Students can then take this new skill out to their local bluegrass jam session or to the next practice with their band and show off what they've learned. It gives them the chance to practice things at home without the pressure of getting it right the first time. They can stop, rewind and continue going over that trouble spot without the bass player standing there giving them the evil eye because it wants to move on to the next song.

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