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Hackensaw Boys to Release New Album April 2nd

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For The Love of a FriendThe Hackensaw Boys are scheduled to release For the Love of a Friend - Live in Kinderdijk (NL) Tuesday, April 2nd. The band has just returned from their European Tour which began in Kinderdijk,n Holland. Their new album is one that was recorded in Kinderdijk last May. The Boys draw their unique style from old-time Music, bluegrass, Country, and Rock & Roll Music.

With feet firmly planted in the old-time song tradition, hands soiled by the dirt of rock n’ roll and eyes fixed steadily on the future of real country music, the Hackensaw Boys are among the most exciting groups charting new territory in today’s diverse Americana music scene. The group is known for their rowdy, energetic live shows in both the United States and Europe.

In the beginning they all lived in Charlottesville, VA, but now the seven members are spread throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and California. For more than a decade, however, they’ve come together to tour the United States, Europe and the U.K. and to record several critically acclaimed albums. The band consists of John R. Miller, Ben Townsend, David Sickmen, Ward Harrison, Brian Gorby and Ferd Moyse IV.

The Hackensaws have toured with a bevy of diverse acts that were quick to embrace the group’s sound and songcraft, including: The Flaming Lips, Cracker, Modest Mouse, Camper Van Beethoven, The Detroit Cobras, Cake, Railroad Earth, Cheap Trick and De La Soul.

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