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“Pete Seeger: The Storm King” Audio Collection Published

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 The Storm KingNew York, NY -- Hachette Audio, a division of Hachette Book Group, announced that it has published a truly unique audiobook—Pete Seeger: The Storm King. The Storm King audio collection presents Pete Seeger’s captivating spoken words in new recordings as he tells his most engaging stories, narratives, and poems—all set to new music produced by world renowned percussionist/producer Jeff Haynes—created by nearly 50 musicians from traditions as diverse as African Music, Blues, Bluegrass, Classical Guitar, Folk, Jazz, Native American Music, and World Beat. “This music brings out things in my words that I never knew before,” says Seeger, who will celebrate his ninety-fourth birthday May 3, 2013.

Legendary civil rights crusader and environmental champion Pete Seeger first began working with Haynes on the 2009 Grammy award-winning album Tomorrow’s Children. Haynes was inspired by Seeger’s extraordinary voice to record him for a new project that became The Storm King, understanding from the start that his mission was to present the stories in a fitting setting—accompanied by music that underscores the timeless passion and universal wisdom of Pete’s words.

Dozens of artists who would not otherwise have shared a stage with Pete, came to participate as word of the exceptional opportunity spread, and the project quickly grew in scope, depth, and diversity. “I don’t create songs at the drop of a hat,” said Dar Williams, one of the many brilliant contributing musicians, “but somehow listening to this project and hearing Pete telling a story… his stories… I wrote a song in one night.”

Narratives in The Storm King touch on issues that have real resonance with contemporary culture’s concerns, seen in the growth of the Occupy movement, anti-war protests, and reaction to ongoing environmental crises. From preserving the tradition of American Folk Music to innovating new ways to protect the earth, and from personal narratives on his beloved family to storytelling about important figures and moments in American history, Pete speaks authoritatively yet intimately. A masterful musician and a commanding spokesman, Seeger has remained true to his passions and principles throughout his long life, reflecting now on the challenges he and our country have faced—his personal stories bearing witness to some of our past century’s most significant and inspiring heroes and historic events.

Featured artists include: Pete Seeger; Jeff Haynes; Will Ackerman; Tony Cedras; Samite Mulondo; Bianca Merkley; Richie Stearns; Ralph Stanley; Dar Williams; Jane Kelly Williams; Helen Avakian; Gha’il Rhodes Benjamin; Joe Bertolozzi; Ivan Bodley; Dean Bowman; Heidi Breyer; Charlie Burnham; Paul Cebar; Terry Champlin; Dave Eggar; Eugene Friesen; Sean Harkness; Julie Panek-Harris; Valerie Haynes; Ana Hernández; Yaeir Heber; Joan Henry; Joel Henry; Timothy Hill; Vilian Ivantchev; Pat Lamanna; C. Lanzbom; Emile Menasche; Sara Milonovich; Issachar Miron; Jeff Oster; Chuck Palmer; Nicole Paradiso; Dave Richards; Rob Scheps; Karen D. Taylor; Sabina Torosjan; Matt Turk; Doug Weiss; Weave: Sanjay Cherubala, Marjorie Johnson, Timothy Hill, and Seth Markel.

“Producer Jeff Hayne’s brave and imaginative concept pays off beautifully in enhancing the already spellbinding spoken narrative by Pete Seeger,” Will Ackerman, Grammy-winner and founder of Windham Hill Records, said. This two-hour audiobook is available on CD and as a digital download, in bookstores and online where books and music are sold. /

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