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Ringgold’s 1890s Day Jamboree Old Time Fiddlers Convention Winners

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1890's Day Fiddle-Off 2013Maddie Denton (second from left) of Murfreesboro, Tenn. won the Randall Franks Trophy at the 1890s Day Old Time Fiddle Convention May 25, 2013. In the fiddle off, she faced Aerin DeJarnette (fourth from left) of Birmingham, Ala. from 22-50 category, who placed second, and Marcia Denton (fifth from left) of Murfreesboro, Tenn. winner of the 51 and up category, who placed third. Fiddle off contestants receive their awards from Randall Franks (third from left), organizer Lewis Taylor (right) and emcee Kevin Mudd (lefft).

Organizers at the 1890s Day Jamboree Old Time Fiddlers Convention welcome over a hundred contestants including fiddlers, guitarists, mandolinists, bands and cloggers from states across the south to Ringgold, Ga. on May 25, 2013. Fiddlers and dancers struck a chord with audiences as they cheered dozens of musicians on to victory to win nearly $7,000 in prize money sponsored by Walter Jackson Chevrolet on the Northwest Georgia Bank stage at the historic Catoosa County Courthouse.

“We grow more and more every year with even a greater number of youth contestants wanting to advance on their instruments,” said contest organizer Lewis Taylor. “Our volunteers work tirelessly to make this event something everyone can enjoy. Without them, our high caliber judges, and our sponsors, we would not do this successful an event.” Taylor is a champion harmonica player winning titles in several states and numerous contests.

Maddie Denton of Murfreesboro, Tenn. won the Randall Franks Trophy at the 1890s Day Jamboree. Denton also won the 16-21 age category for the chance to compete for the trophy. In the fiddle off, she faced Aerin DeJarnette of Birmingham, Ala. from 22-50 age category, who placed second, and her mother Marcia Denton of Murfreesboro, Tenn. winner of the 51 and up category, who placed third.

The top prize is named in honor of Appalachian Ambassador of the Fiddle Randall Franks, “Officer Randy Goode” from TV’s “In the Heat of the Night.” He cheered the top three competitors on in their bid to win the Randall Franks Trophy and the $500 prize. He presented the winners on the main stage with Taylor and emcee Kevin Mudd.

Once holding the title of Georgia State Bluegrass Champion, the International Bluegrass Music Museum Bluegrass Legend and Independent Country Music Hall of Fame inductee is a former member of Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys, Jim and Jesse’s Virginia Boys and numerous other groups who as a guest star often shared his talents for the Grand Ole Opry. Franks co-hosts the Grand Master Fiddler Championship in Nashville each year. For more information, visit

“I am amazed each year at the tremendous talents of all ages that I see on the stage sharing Appalachian fiddle and dance traditions,” he said. “We are blessed the 1890s Day Jamboree committee feels that its event is an appropriate place to keep the tradition of the fiddle contests thriving and growing each year right on the Catoosa County courthouse lawn.”

Main Stage Fusion won the team dance competition, Main Stage Explosion took second place Main Stage Revolution won third and Main Stage Attraction received fourth. All the groups were from Springfield, Tenn.

In the bluegrass band competition A Step Ahead of Greenbrier, Tenn. won first place with Uncle Dub and the Rank Strangers of Calhoun and Dalton, Ga. taking second, Blue Harvest of Ringgold, Ga. took third, McGill & Company earned fourth and Tennessee Ridge of Tunnel Hill, Ga. received fifth.

Rob Pearcy of Smyrna, Tenn. won both the guitar and mandolin contests. Glenn Craver of Winston Salem, NC earned second in guitar and Frannie DiGiovanni or Greenbrier, Tenn. took third. Jacob Johnson of Lincoln, Ala. And Jonathan Goins of Tunnel Hill, Ga., placed second and third in mandolin, respectively.

The next 1890s Day Jamboree Old Time Fiddlers Convention will be Memorial Day weekend Saturday 2014 in Ringgold, Ga. For more information, visit, or or Like the event on Facebook.

2013 1890s Day Jamboree Old Time Fiddlers Convention winners for first, second and third places of the Randall Franks Trophy Fiddle Off:

  • Maddie Denton – Murfreesboro, Tenn.
  • Aerin DeJarnette – Birmingham, Ala.
  • Marcia Denton – Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Ages 10 and under:

  • Benjamin Lin – Lexington, Ky.
  • David Lin – Lexington, Ky.
  • Anna Vaughn – Berry, Ala.

Ages 11-15:

  • Ivy Phillips – Chapmansboro, Tenn.
  • Andrew Lin – Lexington, Ky.
  • Caleb Bryant – Northport, Ala.

Ages 16-21:

  • Maddie Denton – Murfreesboro, Tenn.
  • Samantha Cunningham – Versailles, Ky.
  • Hillary Bevels – Shelbyville, Tenn.

Ages 22-50:

  • Aerin DeJarnette – Birmingham, Ala.
  • Gail Johnson – Lavergne, Tenn.
  • Ashley Crook – Lynchburg, Tenn.

Ages 51 and up:

  • Marcia Denton – Murfreesboro, Tenn.
  • Mack Snoderly – Clyde, NC
  • Rob Pearcy – Smyrna, Tenn.

Bluegrass Band:

  • A Step Ahead – Greenbrier, Tenn.
  • Uncle Dub and the Rank Strangers – Dalton, Ga.
  • Blue Harvest – Ringgold, Ga.
  • McGill and Company – Chattanooga, Tenn.
  • Tennessee Ridge – Tunnel Hill, Ga.


  • Rob Pearcy – Smyrna, Tenn.
  • Glenn Craver – Winston Salem, NC
  • Frannie DiGiovanni –Greenbrier, Tenn.

Best Backup Guitarist:

  • Rob Pearcy – Smyrna, Tenn.


  • Rob Pearcy – Smyrna, Tenn.
  • Jacob Johnson – Lincoln, Ala.
  • Jonathan Goins – Tunnel Hill, Ga.

Cloggers: 10 and under:

  • Brayden Chunn – Greenbrier, Tenn.
  • Gracie Parrish – Pleasant View, Tenn.
  • Kadence Williamson – Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Ages 11-20:

  • Sierra Tomlin – Springfield, Tenn.
  • Ivy Phillips – Chapmansboro, Tenn.
  • Kelcy Tomlin – Springfield, Tenn.

Ages 21-30:

  • Victoria Williamson – Greenbrier, Tenn.
  • Tasha Liedel –Tunnel Hill, Ga.
  • Craig Frakick – Whites Creek, Tenn.

Ages 31 and up:

  • Ashley Parrish –Pleasant View, Tenn.
  • Clyde Parrish – Pleasant View, Tenn.
  • Sherry Borski – Gallatin, Tenn.

Clogging Team:

  • Main Stage Fusion – Springfield, Tenn.
  • Main Stage Explosion – Springfield, Tenn.
  • Main Stage Revolution – Springfield, Tenn.
  • Main Stage Attraction – Springfield, Tenn.

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