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John Hartford: Pilot of a Steam Powered Aereo-Plain

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 Pilot of a Steam Powered Aereo-PlainFirst Ever Book About John Hartford...In 1971, John Hartford, best known for his classic song “Gentle on My Mind,” and his TV appearances alongside the Smothers Brothers and Glen Campbell, turned his back on a thriving Hollywood career and returned to his bluegrass roots to make one the finest albums of the decade. Not only was Aereo-Plain a remarkable record in its own right, filled with great songs and astounding musicianship, but it stretched the boundaries of bluegrass and opened the doors to a new genre of country and folk music, Newgrass. The new book & live concert music CD are now available through

Of course, as with most pioneering albums, Aereo-Plain was a commercial disaster, but now more than forty years later it remains one of the most influential records in acoustic music history.

This beautifully illustrated, full-color book, John Hartford: Pilot of a Steam Powered Aereo-Plain(June 1 2013/ StuffWorks Press, Inc.,/ ISBN 978-0-615-80661-7/ $50.00) tells the story of John Hartford’s fascinating journey from the steamboat and river obsessed kid in St. Louis who fell in love with music, wrote one of the greatest songs of all time and, by being true to himself, breathed new life into the bluegrass genre and opened the doors for a generation of acoustic players.

With pages of exclusive and never-before-seen photos from John Hartford’s personal collection, this book tells the story of John’s journey from St. Louis to Nashville with a few crazy Hollywood years in between.

Author Andrew Vaughan poured through the files and memorabilia of John Hartford’s archive and talked to key players in Hartford’s life to tell the story of John Hartford’s journey to Aereo-Plain.

First edition of John Hartford: Pilot of a Steam Powered Aereo-Plain comes with a 14-track CD of the 1994 live concert at Nashville’s famed Ryman Auditorium that saw a reunion of John, Vassar and Tut with Bluegrass guitar legend Tony Rice.

Note on how autographed book will work: Just order the book and, if you are among the first 25, you will receive an email requesting the personal message you want written. Please keep the message to a maximum of 20 words. Please allow 10 days to 2 weeks for shipping.

Andrew Vaughan is respected Nashville-based writer and an authority on country music. As a music critic, his work has appeared in Billboard, Music Week, Mojo, Q, the London Times, the Guardian, Folk Roots, and many other magazines. He was founding editor of Country Music International magazine and a regular guest on BBC Radio, BBC TV, and VH1 as an expert on country music and country rock. In 1999, Andrew moved from London to Nashville, where he quickly became one of the best-connected writers on the music scene. He is the author of several books including Shania: Feel Like a Woman (Andre Deutsch), The Eagles: An American Band (Sterling Books) and biographies of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. He has been a record industry consultant and editorial director for the American Music Channel since 2002.

The John Hartford Office was created by his kids, Jamie and Katie, to carry on their father’s passion for music and for the river. We are committed to furthering his rich legacy of music, performances, stories and adventures at Please visit us to learn more about the man and his music.

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