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Toshi Seeger, Pete Seeger's Wife has Died at 91

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Toshi SeegerToshi-Aline Ohta Seeger, folk singer Pete Seeger's wife of 70 years has died at the age of 91. She was always a close partner in his social and activist roles. She was always with him sharing in his life through every turn and passage.

Michael Johnathon said, "I remember sitting in their home one evening in Beacon, their home along the beloved Hudson River. In the kitchen was a big bowl full of salad, cosmic conversation and a couple of banjos. She was always blunt, to the point. Always kind to me and protective of Pete. I liked her. I admired her. I wished I had someone like that supporting me. And I wrote about her in the Woody Guthrie opera. "

She and Pete cofounded the popular Sing Out magazizne which gained strength during the '60s folk explosion. The magazine said, ""Without Toshi's counsel and support, and always outspoken and direct opinions, it's clear to anyone who ever met these two remarkable people that, without Toshi, Pete would never have had the foundation and freedom to do the work that made him so legendary."

People who knew her said she was direct in her thoughts and opinions. She never mixed words and expressed exactly what she wanted. She provided the balance in their lives by allowing Pete to fly with his art yet keeping it rooted where it could all prosper and grow.

She complemented him in his activities as her sincere involvement provided a great situational awareness of the genre, the entertainment environment, artists and more.

Just as Louise Scruggs was a force with banjoist Earl Scruggs, Toshi provided a bond for not only Seeger's music but his beliefs in what was right and what was strong.img src=

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