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Alan Jackson to Release The Bluegrass Album This Year

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Alan JacksonAlan Jackson shares a concept held by many other artists -- he wants to release a bluegrass music album. This September, he will get his wish when he releases The Bluegrass Album. Schedule for a September 24 release date, Jackson invited bluegrass artists Adam Steffey, Sammy Shelor, Tim Crouch, Scott Coney, Rob Ickes and Tim Dishman to join him on this exciting project. Jackson claims he's always wanted to do a bluegrass album.

Jackson is familiar riding the top of the charts with songs like "The Angels Cried" and "Like Red on a Rose" with Grammy award winner Alison Krauss. Other popular Jackson songs include “Don't Rock the Jukebox”, “Little Bitty”, “Gone Country” and over 20 chart toppers. He handles hard core country with the same simplicity as touching ballads and stories of small town life. Bluegrass will be comfortable territory as it holds the same roots and values found in most of Jackson's repertoire.

Jackson will bring songs like a waltz version of "Blue Moon of Kentucky" by the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe, "There is a Time" by Dillards and eight originals by Jackson. The album will be bluegrass with a good dose of country. These two genres have common roots and should meld together nicely.

After 15 studio albums, this next project will also be what Jackson considers a fun album. He's always produced projects and with combined sales of over 60 million albums, that philosophy has proven to be quite successful. He has stayed true to his roots and style over the years while continuing to be contemporary through the years. This is a sign that he's true to himself and his music. The Bluegrass Album will be a new branch on the path he's chosen and there's usually something good around every bend.

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