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International Bluegrass Music Association Momentum Awards Seeks Nominees

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Momentum AwardNashville, TN (July 17, 2013) - Last year, the International Bluegrass Music Association inaugurated the IBMA Momentum Awards after a year of close input, analysis, and preparation. These awards are meant to recognize musicians and industry professionals in the early stages of their bluegrass careers. It is not a peoples’ choice, popularity or member-voted award, but a juried award by notable peers. Input from all constituencies is considered by said jury. Essentially, the Momentum Awards recognize the best “up and comers.”

IBMA Executive Director Nancy Cardwell says, “The Momentum Awards were envisioned as a way to recognize and encourage young people who are starting out their careers in bluegrass music in a really spectacular, ‘shooting star’ sort of way — both musicians and people working on the business side."

Currently the jury is soliciting nominee input for the following categories:

  • Industry
    • One up-and-coming professional
    • One new festival or venue
    • One established musician or professional providing exceptional mentoring
  • Performance
    • Three instrumentalists (traditional or non-traditional bluegrass instruments)
    • One vocalist
    • One band

A group of IBMA members have been working together the past few years to help emerging artists get more work and attention. Dan Keen and Echo Propp are heading up the task force for the 2013 IBMA Momentum Awards.

The jury hopes to get suggestions from bluegrass associations across the country and around the world, as well as recommendations from IBMA members and bluegrass fans.

The nominees for this year’s awards will be announced during the August 14th IBMA Awards show press conference webcast from Music City Roots.

A total of six honors will be presented. On the performance side: a band, a singer, and three to instrumentalists, respectively. On the industry side three awards will be given to individuals with emerging career paths including (but are not limited to) management, labels, promotion, radio, publicity, marketing, association leadership and recording.

Nominee suggestions should be emailed to Joe Lurgio no later than July 29, at

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