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New Film Documentary - Herschel Sizemore: Mandolin in B

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Hershel Sizemore Mandolin in BBackyard Green Films releases documentary film. Herschel Sizemore: Mandolin in B. On the evening of February 19th, 2012 bluegrass stars came out for a special benefit concert in Virginia and the music community that supported the event captures the spirit of the man being feted. This video is a celebration of that event and of Herschel Sizemore.

Backyard Green Films is proud to present the new documentary film of bluegrass legend Herschel Sizemore. The film takes place on the evening of February 19th, 2012 during a benefit concert for Herschel and his wife Joyce, who were both diagnosed with cancer in the Fall of 2011. Director Rick Bowman with his producing partner Bill Perrine shot numerous hours of footage and traveled many miles to make the film. Rick Bowman says "it was for the love of the music and to honor this great musician" that brought him into this story. He hopes that other people will see the film and learn more about this unique individual and the influence that he had on so many of today's mandolin players.

The program, Herschel Sizemore: Mandolin in B begins with some commentary from some of the fellow bluegrass artists that knew him well. Beginning with Mike Conner of The Travelers, Spencer Blankenship, and Herschel himself describing how this benefit came to be. The history starts off with Herschel performing with Del McCoury and The Dixie Pals and the band recounts some of their memories. Much of the video is in black and white which really ads to the atmosphere. It has often been said that black and white permits more emotion and in the case of this video, that is most certainly true. Produced by Rick Bowman and Bill Perrine with Mike Conner and edited by Bill Perrine, the film was directed by Rick Bowman. This staff did an outstanding job in capturing the essence of Herschel and his impact on bluegrass music past, present and future.

The film has a special reunion of Del McCoury and the Dixie Pals performing for the first time in 30 years. If you recall Herschel was a part of that band for a short time. The film is more along the lines of a live concert with interviews from musicians that Herschel has played with or new throughout the years. This time in Herschel's career is covered well in the cuts and interviews presented.

Bluegrass legend Herschel Sizemore and his wife Joyce were both diagnosed with cancer on the same day in the fall of 2011. On the evening of February 19, 2012, bluegrass stars came out for a special benefit to honor one of their own. The benefit concert in Roanoke, Virginia and the music community that supported the event, captures the sprit of the man being feted. With interviews and performances by The Seldom Scene, David Grisman, Doyle Lawson, Republik Steele, The Travelers, Chris Thile and a special reunion of Del McCoury and The Dixie Pals, this is a lasting tribute to one of the greatest mandolin players of our time.

Sizemore was a mandolin player par excellence. Beyond that, he was also an accomplished songwriter. He was not only an influence to others but was surrounded by some of the finest artists as well -- legends like Bill Monroe, Vassar Clements, Curly Seckler, The Bluegrass Cardinals, Jimmy Martin, Del McCoury and The Dixie Pals, the Dixie Gentlemen and many others. His musicianship and songwriting made him a legend within the bluegrass music community. He remains the model that so many others follow or, at least strive to.

Herschel developed and evolved into his own mastered style of mandolin. While the early bluegrass pioneers certainly got him started in the right direction, it wasn't long until his mastery of the instrument gave him the freedom to follow his own heart. The music encompassed him and his soulful expression of that music was shared with the world. He was a unique stylist and accomplished songwriter that was driven to create and, create he did.

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