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Common Strings on the Road and New Albums Coming

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 Somewhere in GloryAfter taking some time off from the road to help launch the Cumberland River Academy and spend time with their daughter, Darron and Vanessa Nichols (Common Strings) is ready to hit the touring trail again! Common Strings has lots of options to offer talent buyers. From their hard driving traditional bluegrass music sets, heartfelt gospel sets, and their educational seminars about Appalachian music and culture, which is entitled Appalachia Is My Country.

Appalachia Is My Country is a walk through the history of how music and dance was such a big part of life in the Appalachian Mountains and how the music was introduced by the Scotch Irish settlers to the Appalachians. This is a great program for School groups from Kindergarten through College, and is an excellent program to be offered as a workshop at all types of festivals.

Common Strings is currently working on two brand new albums. The first album will be a bluegrass album and the second will be a showcase of Appalachian Mountain Music and will feature old time Appalachian stringed instrumentation's. Both albums will release in mid 2014. Common Strings last album Somewhere in Glory was released in 2010 by Rural Rhythm Records.

Vanessa Nichols is a true coal miner’s daughter, whose father is still a miner in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. She is blessed with an amazing voice and an appreciation for the old-time mountain songs her mother and grandmother shared with her over the years. The band is dedicating the song, “Hardhat for a Halo” to the families and miners of the West Virginia and Kentucky coal mine accident. Singer, songwriter and musician Darron Nichols has also been blessed with a strong love of the musical heritage passed down through the years and has a strong desire to preserve the songs of Appalachia for future generations.

On May 25, 2010, Common Strings, Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley launched The Cumberland River Academy of Bluegrass and Appalachian Music at the Bell Theater in Pineville, Kentucky. The program is designed to educate and inform students of all ages about the historical values of the music and culture of the people who settled the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

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