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Casey Driessen CD Release Shows Turned Colorado Flood Relief

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The S1ngularity CoverCasey Driessen says in his latest newsletter, "Normally I'd just send this knewsletter to my Rocky Mountain peoples, but due to the nature of the disaster, I'm attempting to reach everyone on my email list. Most know about the flooding devastation on the front range of the Rockies in Colorado, but may not realize the extent. From videos I've seen and friends I've spoken with, it's serious."

Casey continues, "I was in the flood that hit Nashville TN back in 2010. We lived by the river that rose +50ft and saw houses all around our neighborhood take on water. Thankfully, our place was on high ground and we were okay, but I sincerely empathize with those in Colorado.

"I've had two shows scheduled for months - CD release shows for my new Singularity album - which are this Thursday & Friday, a week after the flooding. Something about gigging in an area of disaster didn't sit right with me, so I've decided to donate my proceeds from the shows to flood relief efforts.

"There are so many areas suffering, but it's my intention to give back to the Lyons CO community, which was particularly hard hit. Many great long-time musician friends live in that town and surrounding area - and it's also the site of the incredible Rockygrass festival where I have many fond memories. Basically, the town became the river."

If you can't make it to one of the shows, here're a couple avenues...

As for the CD Release....It's finished. It's printed. It's available...if you can make it to one of these two shows. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until October 22 when CDs and downloads go live. I'll even have a stylish limited edition translucent red vinyl by mid-November, just in time for the holidays.

The next show is today...
Friday, September 20
Swallow Hill Music
71 E. Yale Ave
Denver, CO

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