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Grisman Releases "Old & in the Way: Live at the Boarding House" Shows

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Old & in the WayForty years ago on a monday night during the first week of October, a bluegrass band, Old & In The Way, walked on to the stage of The Boarding House in San Francisco. The band included two of Bill Monroe's former Blue Grass Boys, guitarist Peter Rowan and fiddle virtuoso Vassar Clements, mandolinist David Grisman and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead picking banjo along with his bass playing sidekick, John Kahn. That historic event has been released by Acoustic Oasis as Old & In The Way: Live at the Boarding House. The two disc set features two sets from October, 1, 1973 and two more sets from October 8, 1973.

A week later the same group played there again and recorded the second of these sessions. Old & In The Way would become one of the most influential groups in Bluegrass history.

Now forty years later, both shows are being released as High Definition (24 bit, 96 khz) downloads on Grisman's This will be the first release of the complete shows by this unique ensemble and includes 55 tracks, 14 of which have never been released in any format.

Old & in the Way made a huge impact on the bluegrass world. Not only did it feature former Blue Grass Boys, it also brought a new musical experience to the bluegrass community. The Boarding House shows were recorded by none other than Owsley Stanley III, aka "Bear."

"Although we didn’t realize what an impact this music would have at the time, we had a lot of fun playing the bluegrass music we loved and these tapes reveal that in a big way,” Grisman said in a press release announcing the set.

Here is Old & In The Way from 1973...

This anniversary album was released on October 1st which was also the 40th anniversary of the original recordings at the Boarding House. The first Old & In The Way album was released in 1975 and was hailed by some as being the "best selling bluegrass recording of all time." The 55 tracks on this historic collection are:

  • Disc 1
    1. "Home is Where the Heart Is"
    2. "Love Please Come Home"
    3. "Down Where The River Bends"
    4. "Kissimee Kid"
    5. "Pig in a Pen"
    6. "Uncle Pen"
    7. "Panama Red"
    8. "Midnight Moonlight"
    9. "White Dove"
    10. "Wild Horses"
    11. "Orange Blossom Special"
    12. "Old and in the Way"
    13. "Lonesome Fiddle Blues"
  • Disc 2
    1. "On And On"
    2. "Land of the Navajo"
    3. "Catfish John"
    4. "Til the End of the World Rolls 'Round"
    5. "Drifting Too Far from the Shore"
    6. "I'm Knocking On Your Door"
    7. "Old and in the Way Breakdown"
    8. "You'll Find Her Name Written There"
    9. "Jerry's Breakdown"
    10. "The Great Pretender"
    11. "Working on a Building"
    12. "High Lonesome Sound"
    13. "Wicked Path Of Sin"
    14. "Blue Mule"

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