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Ragged Union Bluegrass at Front Range BBQ

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Ragged UnionRagged Union is Geoff Union’s traditional-minded bluegrass band, where “powerful drive meets outsider songwriting”. Centered around Union’s highflying flatpicking, singing and songwriting, this project represents his take on the colorful bluegrass tradition, and displays in unique fashion his incorporation of influences such as the singing of Danny Paisley, the songwriting of John Hartford, the sensibility and style of Norman Blake, and the intensity of 1980s Tony Rice Band.

Union recently relocated to Colorado from Austin, Texas, which had been home for more than 20 years. He toured for almost half of them with the Two High String Band, and more recent projects have included The Billy Bright and Geoff Union Trio (ongoing), and the Bluegrass Outfit, whose weekly gigs in Austin and San Marcos for three years running helped Geoff develop his edgy style and unique repetoire as a band leader. He’s also just back from a trip to Lancaster, England, where he performed solo to enthusiastic crowds at the 5th annual Lancaster Music Festival.

Geoff put out his first all-original bluegrass CD, Cold As Steel, in 2012. While it is undeniably bluegrass, the music stands apart on account of its exploration of non-standard themes - it’s light on the love-and-loss, and heavy on the dark storytelling, moonshinery, and obscure history. The album has aired on over 70 bluegrass radio stations nationwide, and has enjoyed favorable review from critics and fans alike.

Geoff’s excited to get the ball rolling here in Colorado, with some Front Range gigs in November and a bunch of new tunes to record for the follow up to Cold As Steel. Look out for Ragged Union, as that Steam-Powered Bluegrass Train keeps rolling down the line!

Catch this bluegrass band on Wednesday, November 13 at 7:30pm at the Front Range Barbeque located at 2330 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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