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Unspoken Tradition - Simply Little Town

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Simple Little Town coverThere are a lot of unspoken traditions that are a part of heritage music. Unspoken Tradition makes sure that their music honors its creators. The band makes sure it grows within tradition by adding our original approach. They make sure it maintains its role as something for everyday people who, although they may come from different backgrounds, are united through the love of great music! Unspoken Tradition is 6 working class guys from North Carolina. Great music is our passion and Bluegrass is our love.

The band started in Cherryville North Carolina, the hometown of its three founding members Lee Shuford and Audie and Zane McGinnis. The three came together at historic picking sessions at the home of Jack Bingham. Soon they were doing what many new groups do, playing locally and building a fan following.

In 2012 the current lineup was fully formed with the additions of Matt Warren on bass and vocals, Ty Gilpin on mandolin and vocals, and Tim Gardner on fiddle and vocals. With a repertoire of new, original bluegrass music, traditional bluegrass numbers and creative covers, they open the band to an even wider audience and bring a passionate energy to the stage.

Our 2013 release, Simple Little Town, with its live feel and mostly original songs also showcases the band’s ability to keep one foot in the past and one pointed towards the future. The album offers something for everyone with hardcore Grass numbers, a rock ‘n roll cover, and original songs.

Simple Little Town holds seven original songs from its members, includes creative out-of-the-box covers (Cake’s Stickshifts and Safetybelts) and maintains a traditional feel. Although self-produced and independently released, the performance, production and song quality of Simple Little Town is top flight. The album is already being rewarded by national airplay on XM/Sirius radio’s Bluegrass Junction.

Unspoken Tradition says, "We have a motto... 'We play Working Class Bluegrass'. The philosophy here is that Bluegrass is for the people and by the people. It’s participatory music and community music. It’s real music that anyone can relate to with its themes of life, love, work, family and American culture."

Unspoken Tradition is:

  • Audie McGinnis – guitar and vocals
  • Lee Shuford – dobro and vocals
  • Zane McGinnis – banjo
  • Matt Warren – upright bass and vocals
  • Ty Gilpin – mandolin and vocals
  • Tim Gardner – fiddle and vocals

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