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Rhonda Vincent Recognized for Best Album but Worst Album Art

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A Dream Come TrueNashville, TN -- In a recent Huffington Post poll, the “new queen of bluegrass” as named by the Wall Street Journal, Rhonda Vincent joins some of the biggest names in music for having the “Best Album” of all-time with the “Worst Album Art.” Ranked at number three in their list was A Dream Come True.

The Huffington Post comments on Rhonda Vincent's 1990 release A Dream Come True saying, "Hey, look! Your Sunday School teacher made an album! Hailed today as one of the best bluegrass records of the past 30 years, Rhonda Vincent’s first album may also have one of the all-time dweebiest covers. The hair. The sequins. The font. The blush. The lavender. The hair. Everything about this screams the early ‘80s (which is all the dorkier considering that the record came out in the early ‘90s). But if you are able to unsee that awkwardness, the performances on this extraordinary debut are all utterly thrilling."

“To have my music recognized 20 years after its release as one of the best albums of all-time, is a cool thing and pretty amazing,” says the award-winning Rhonda Vincent. “Back then I was recording for an independent label and now, today, I continue to make the best music possible, and meet the challenge of creating the artwork for my own label. I've learned so much since this CD, and now I have the tools and knowledge to make a better album cover!! But, regardless of the album art, I am thrilled to be among some of the best recording artists, and listed in the top 10 albums of all-time! Wait till you see my next album cover, to be released in January!

Top 10 Best Albums, Worst Album Art:

  1. The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
  2. Blind Faith – Blind Faith
  3. Rhonda Vincent – A Dream Come True
  4. David Bowie – Diamond Dogs
  5. Iron Maiden – Iron of the Beast
  6. The Beatles – Yesterday and Today
  7. Neil Young – Zuma
  8. Ghostface Killah – Supreme Clientele
  9. Waylon Jennings – Ladies Love Outlaws
  10. The Rolling Stones – Get Your Ya Yas Out

Check their list and here:

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