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It's All in the Name

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Bob CherryDuring the past couple of months, I have received numerous press releases and news items to post on Cybergrass. Besides the usual grammar errors, one common error is where predominant artist names are misspelled. It is usually where the artist is attempting to boost their recognition by claiming they have performed with the misnamed artist.

I can be terrible at remembering names but, I always know how to spell them. Scruggs is spelled with a 'c', not a 'k' and their is only one 'l' in Alison Krauss -- oh, and by the way, Krauss isn't Krause.

Maybe it is just me but, names that are always in the bluegrass news should be easy to spell correctly since, you see them correctly spelled everywhere. But, I guess some people get used to it. After all we're 'Cybergrass' -- not 'Cyber Grass' and have been for 20 years.

Spell Check in modern word processors is a rubber crutch. It doesn't support the content very well. Just as There, Their and They're are not interchangable, spell check won't find the error in their wrongful use. The same is true with names. You just cannot rely on spell check for use with proper names. Unfortunately, I believe that many do.

I've seen misspelled names in a variety of places. Album covers and liner notes are places where I would think extra attention to detail would be used but, even as songwriter credits get listed, you do see a misspelled name here and there.

I know it is human nature and understand short timetables to get things done but, I would like to see a bit more care taken with names. Especially in bleugrass [sic].

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