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World's Largest Banjo Public Sculpture “Banjo of the East” Announced

Banjo of the East ConstructionThe company behind the Norfolk-made Shackleton banjo named after Edwardian explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is to create a giant banjo sculpture on the edge of Norwich, which the company claims will become as famous as Newcastle’s ‘Angel of The North’.

The 50 metre (150 ft) tall banjo sculpture, currently under construction in the company’s Norwich workshop, will be placed in a key location near the A47 Southern Bypass and will be visible to traffic approaching Norwich from as far away as five miles.

World famous sculptors Anthony Gormley and Anish Kapoor, respectively responsible for the Angel of The North, and the Olympic park ‘Orbit’ sculptures, are both rumoured to be involved in the giant banjo project as consultants.

The Great British Banjo Company is the first production banjo manufacturer to operate in the UK in more than 60 years.

The company made headlines earlier this year when it raised over £48,000 ($76,000) to develop its Shackleton banjo on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The campaign was in the top two per cent most successful Kickstarter campaigns in any country since the platform was created. Now the company, founded by brand expert and author Simon Middleton plans to put Norwich firmly on the map as the British centre of banjo culture.

Simon Middleton explained: “Our Shackleton banjo has already become a real success with over 150 advance orders, and we recently launched our Great British Banjo Sessions series of concerts. So it seemed only natural to create a visual representation of the significance of the banjo. “We are certain that people all over Norfolk will be delighted to see this new sculpture on the Norwich skyline, and that it will prove to be a tourist attraction of real significance. “The sculpture is being manufactured right now in Norwich, and we hope that this fabulous erection will be unveiled later this summer,” Middleton added.

The Great British Banjo Company is a private limited company, owned and managed by a small group of family and friends in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. The company works with local craftsmen as well as instrument manufacturers in other parts of Britain. The business was founded by brand adviser, business author and musician Simon Middleton and has grown rapidly to become the UK's best known banjo specialist retailer and manufacturer. For further information: Visit:

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