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Donna Ulisse Authors Book About her Creative Process

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Donna UlisseAt the request of her publisher, Hadley Music Group, singer-songwriter Donna Ulisse has authored a book about her personal creative process when writing songs. The book is titled The Songwriter in Me: Snapshots of My Creative Process.

The Songwriter in Me unfolds like a visit with an old friend — down-home, easygoing, conversational — as Ulisse invites you in to "this beautiful place where I make music these days." Peppered with personal anecdotes and generous with insights, this handy book stands as a tribute to the power of the imagination.

You don't have to be a songwriter to reap its benefits. Ulisse's suggestions can help you whether you are writing a song, a poem or a short story — or, for that matter, a speech, a sermo or marketing copy. As the title of one early chapter says, "Creativity Keeps You Young," and Ulisse stands as living proof, showing no signs of slowing down her prolific output of new songs and recordings.

The Songwriter in MeLearn how to feed your imagination ... nurture your creativity (and revive it when it seems dormant) ...see the world through a child's eyes ... discover your own unique storytelling style ... engage listeners' imaginations ... be honest in your writing ... access your deep well of emotions ... and do research to make your stories more believable.

Ulisse also explains the mechanics of songwriting, such as rhyme, "syllable sense" and meter, and how she approaches the different parts of a song; discusses the joys (and necessity) of rewriting; and describes her process of "song scrapping," or finding ideas for songs. She provides helpful tips for collaboration and shares some of her favorite tools of the trade, as well as other outlets to help you in your songwriting journey. Along the way, Ulisse offers numerous examples from her own rich catalog of songs and provides exercises that will help you hone your creative skills.

Spend a little time with Donna Ulisse and you'll be enriched by the experience!

The book is available on Amazon, through Ulisse's website store and at her shows and songwriting workshops when touring. For interviews with Donna Ulisse about The Songwriter in Me, contact Kathy Anderson at

Donna Ulisse (You-liss-ee) has been called "one of the best singer-songwriters in bluegrass." Nominated as the International Bluegrass Music Association's Songwriter of the Year in 2012 and 2013, Ulisse has been blessed to have her songs recorded by Claire Lynch, Larry Stephenson, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, The Bankesters, Nu-Blu, Natasha Borzilova, Diana Jones and Louise Mosrie as well as a song on the 2014 Grammy winning album Streets of Baltimore by The Del McCoury Band, not to mention the many chart topping songs released on her own albums which she has had a hand in writing.

In addition to writing songs for her own projects and other artists, as well as touring with her own bluegrass band, The Poor Mountain Boys, she is now in demand to lead songwriting workshops across the United States and share her knowledge of the craft of songwriting.

Learn more about Donna at

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