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Phil Leadbetter - The Cancer Fight Continues

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Phil LeadbetterA lot of bluegrass fans and artists have been watching posts on Phil Leadbetter's social media site ever since a routine checkup found enlarged lymph nodes in him. Phil had fought off the monster a while ago however, his Hodgkins Lymphoma has returned.

Phil had a rough go the first time around until a stem cell procedure looked like it was going to finally give him the chance he needed for recovery. Soon, the Dobro artist was back on the road and feeling good. Then, his last week, he announced the dreaded news that we all hoped would not be there...

"Just heard from my doctor on yesterday's biopsy. My Hodgkins Lymphoma has returned. I have already contacted Vanderbilt, and will be visiting there next week with my oncologist to see what options that I have to get well. This cancer has been very difficult to fight. As usual.....I have NO PLANS in giving up, and will fight this just as hard as ever. I can't take calls or texts right now because I need to focus my time on trying to beat this. I will keep you guys posted as to what all is going on. It is just a lot easier mentally for me to update you here. Continue to send up prayers for me and my family. Love to each one of you from me and my family."

Phil Leadbetter, who is a musician, former nurse, a husband, a parent and a grandparent first suffered flu like symptoms that wouldn't go away over 13 years ago. Upon going to the doctor and having follow up visits with more doctors was diagonosed with Hodgin's Lymphomia in February 2001.

Phil is no stranger to cancer as he has lost a dad and a brother to the disease. He knows the fight and what he has to go through. The stem cell therapy that he used a few years back looked like a real win until this latest announcement.

He is now only focused on fighting the disease so that his life can once again return to normal. We wish him the best all the way.


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