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Bill Yates and the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band Have Gospel Project

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Bill Yates and the Country Gentlemen Tribute BandBill Yates and the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band are planning to work up some gospel tunes and will be recording some that were never done by the Country Gentlemen. They plan to be working on this project this winter.

The band is performing today for Songs of the Mountains at Lincoln Center in Marion, VA. The program will be taped for a later presentation on PBS. The band has wanted to be on the program and today, their dream comes true. Watch your PBS station to see when the program airs in your area.

Bill Yates was born April 30, 1936 in Big Rock, VA. For entertainment, his family would usually either sing around the farm as they worked, would sing in church or would listen to the Grand Ole Opry Saturday nights on a battery powered radio. Bill eventually learned to play the bass by listening to records. The people that have influenced his musical career include the likes of Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, the Stanley Brothers and Reno & Smiley. A few years after learning to play bass, Bill, and his brother, Wayne, formed a band called "The Yates Brothers & the Clinch Mountain Ramblers".

In later years (and a few band member changes later) Red Allen joined the band and they became the "Clinch Mountain Ramblers". Bill later moved to Nashville and worked with many of the greats including Jimmy Martin, Bill Monroe. Finally, in 1969, he joined The Country Gentlemen. In later years, Bill eventually became a full partner with The Country Gentlemen along with Charlie Waller, Doyle Lawson and Bill Emerson. Bill worked in The Country Gentlemen alongside Charlie Waller for 20+ years, gathering many awards, accolades and friends along the way before finally leaving the road and retiring in 1989.

Due to Bill's continuing activity through the years and his popularity in the bluegrass genre, he has most recently been deservingly deemed as "The Ambassador of Bluegrass" by not only his friends and adoring fans, but also by his peers. He has recently been revitalized through his secondary music career as the popularity of the newly configured band of Bill Yates & the Country Gentlemen Tribute Band gain momentum throughout the bluegrass community. Bill currently makes his traveling RV his home, but also occasionally resides with his sister, Ruth, & brother-in-law, Emory, in Spotsylvania, VA.

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