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The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill Haints due September 30th

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Pine Hill HaintsAlabama’s The Pine Hill Haints have announced the release of their new LP, The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill Haints, on September 30th via K. Their fifth release on the label, the new album delivers more of the band’s self-described “Alabama Ghost Music,” with its smoky melodies and dark whispers of the haunted South. Opening track “Ms Pacman” sets the stage with a sweet, storytelling charm and an aire of mystery, and you can now stream the track via American Songwriter. It’s also available to stream & share on Soundcloud.

The Pine Hill Haints are a group of troubadours and kindred spirits that mix elements of folk, rockabilly, bluegrass and Americana, with just a hint of punk. With the help of a rotating cast of friends and storytellers, the band has traveled the world, sporadically releasing records that have mostly been self-recorded and sold from the back of their van. Their sound has grown and evolved with each new experience, but their goal has always been to capture a living pulse, addressing feelings of loneliness, depression, and everlasting joy and exploring the mysteries of life and death.

The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill HaintsThe Pine Hill Haints are a traditional bluegrass/folk/honky tonk/country band from Alabama, though the band members themselves describe their unique southern roots music as “Alabama Ghost Music.” The Haints are composed of Jamie Barrier on guitar and vocals, wife Katie “Kat” Barrier on mandolin, singing saw, and washboard, Matt Bakula on washtub bass and tenor banjo, and Ben Rhyne on snare drum.

The Pine Hill Haints perform music they consider to be “dead” in the modern world, hence their self-proclaimed “Ghost Music.” Some examples of the genres they perform include (but are not limited to) gospel, rockabilly, rock and roll, celtic music, blues music, and bluegrass. While their catalog of songs comprises mainly original material, the band has also been known to cover traditional gospel (Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies, Where The Roses Never Fade), cowboy (I Ride An Old Paint, Back In The Saddle Again), and folk (Goodnight Irene, Oh! Suzanna/Camptown Races) songs.

In addition to their live instruments, the band also utilizes a number of traditional American folk music instruments (such as a fiddle, harmonica, tenor banjo, mandolin, saw, and accordion) on their recordings. Occasionally, members of the Haints will swap instruments or abandon his or her primary instrument altogether, instead performing on one of the aforementioned instruments for a song or two. The band has several former members, and depending on how many happen to be present at a performance, surprise guest performers may accompany the Haints onstage. Such impromptu reunion performances are not completely unexpected at their shows.

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