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Kickstart Carter Family Fold 40th Anniversary TV Special

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Carter Family Fold 40th AnniversaryOn Monday July 28, 2014, a new Kickstarter crowdsource funding campaign will launch to fund the production of a half-hour television special celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Carter Fold located in Hiltons, VA - a rural non-profit music venue created to honor the musical heritage of the Carter Family - widely recognized as the First Family of Country Music. The campaign ends Tuesday August 26, 2014. The Kickstarter campaing needs fan support to get going.

Before he died in November 1960, A.P. Carter, the patriarch of the famous Carter Family, known for pioneering many of the musical styles popular in today's Country, Americana, Folk and even Rock music genres, asked granddaughter Janette Carter to do all she could to see that the Carter Family's music was never forgotten. In 1974, Janette created a festival dedicated to the groundbreaking music of A.P., Maybelle and Sara Carter. The stage for that first festival was the flatbed of an 18-wheel truck on loan from the National Guard. After the festival, Janette began presenting shows of acoustic-only old time and bluegrass music in the grocery her Dad ran in the '40s and '50s. The shows quickly outgrew the one­room structure. In 1976, Janette - along with her siblings Joe and Gladys - built the Carter Family Fold which has hosted locals and travelers from around the world every Saturday night for the past 40 years dancing to the music of popular old time and bluegrass bands.

"The Carter Fold is a national treasure that preserves the deep historical significance of the Carter Family and their monumental impact en multiple music genres still heard in the songs we enjoy teday,' says ­"40th Anniversary TV Special" Executive Producer Ken White. "Even with regular packed houses, running a non-profit and meeting the bills is a constant challenge. This television special will bring awareness to the venue to help ensure The Carter Fold sees another 40 years and beyond."

Kickstarter is a leading crowdsource funding platform source. Crowdsource funding is the collection of finances from backers-the "crowd"-to fund an initiative and usually occurs on Internet platforms. Kickstarter's projects range from films, games, and music to art,·design, and technology. Since its launch in 2009, 6.3 million people have pledged $1 billion, funding 62,000 creative projects on Kickstarter.

Those wishing to fund a project can do so at various levels, beginning as low as one dollar, and receive rewards for their financial contribution. Typical rewards include t-shirts, posters, and copies of the item produced by the project. For campaign details or to contribute to "The Carter Fold 40th Anniversary TV Special" project that will increase public awareness of the venue nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, visit for all the details.

In 1974, Janette Carter began to fulfill a promise she made to her father A.P. Carter. That year, Janette produced a music festival dedicated to her father’s work and the preservation of the music he pioneered. That first festival took place on an 18-wheel truck on loan from the National Guard.

This first festival gave birth to regular acoustic-only shows in the grocery store Janette’s father ran in the 40s and 50s. In 1976, Janette – with the help of her siblings Joe and Gladys – built the Carter Family Fold. Today, “The Fold” stands at the forefront of preserving Old-Time or “mountain music,” traditional Country and Bluegrass music. A.P., Sarah and Maybelle are widely recognized as the First-Family of Country Music thanks in part to the famous Bristol Sessions. Future generations have gone on to achieve admirable works.

Probably the best known Carter to modern audiences is June Carter Cash, wife of Johnny Cash. Rita Forrester, granddaughter of A.P. Carter, tirelessly presides over The Carter Family Fold today as Executive Director. This proposed “Carter Family Fold 40th Anniversary” television special celebrates the family, the venue and the local community who keep "The Fold" running. The following videos provide more background into one of America’s most talented, inspiring families.

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