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Greensky Bluegrass to Release 14 Round Handguns October 4th

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HandgunsA Review -- The bluegrass band that excites audiences will be releasing Handguns on October 4, 2011. The album contains 14 tracks that accurately reflect this band's sound and are right on target.

This collection of songs reflect life that can be recognized by many due to their common themes such as "Cold Feet" and the hot pickin' "Better Off." Even "Lose My Way" reflects those who are suffering today's economic downturn. The songs represent the cold hard facts of life. The band exposes emotions that the world can relate to.

"Before Bring Out Your Dead" and "Bring Out Your Dead" are a totally different experience for a string band and take you totally out of the bluegrass realm. This is what Greensky Bluegrass does -- take you to musical places you'd never venture to on your own. Always new and exciting.

Most of the songs were written by mandolin/ukulele musician-songwriters Paul Hoffman and guitarist Dave Bruzza. These songs are exciting as this new generation of string bands, based on bluegrass roots, explore new horizons in every direction. The sound is unmistakably Greensky Bluegrass. Raw, emotional and in the center ring of the target they're aiming for.

Instrumentally, the tracks illustrate the accuracy of the entire team of musicians. They weave a fabric of acoustic sound that fully complements the message they are delivering. For those fortunate enough to go beyond the constraints of traditional grass into the world of the new generation of string band sound, you won't be disappointed.

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