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The Stetson Family bids Farewell to Andy Carswell - RIP

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Andy CarswellMelbourne, Australia -- The Stetson Family wrote in their latest newsletter that their mandolin player, Vale Andy Carswell, has died. They wrote, "It’s with a heavy heart that this newsletter is to let people know that our mandolin player, Andy Carswell, passed away recently. Those close to the band have known that three and a half years ago Andy was diagnosed with liver cancer. Being the humble and philosophical person he was, Andy played this very close to his chest, and, as the band, we followed his lead and kept it on the down-low. He never wanted a fuss made and he wanted to keep playing with us whenever and wherever he could. Treatment at times made this not possible, then when he was back on his feet it was as if nothing was wrong and back to the business of having fun and playing, writing songs and touring round the countryside having a ball."

Carswell, or Eck as he w3as known in the band, was a unique individual; smart as a whip, a philosopher on life and all things Jean Luc Goddard, compassionate, self-effacing and simply hilarious. He faced down cancer with great courage and a fierce desire to spare others and by keeping his disease low key.

Continuing, "The ‘family’ part of The Stetson Family has never felt more true. John and Andy knew eachother since childhood down in the Latrobe Valley, being best mates since their crazy teenage days - and the rest of us, apart from the young’un, Luke, have known eachother and played music together on and off for over 30 years. We’re all still reeling from the fact that one of us has now gone - our friend, band member, co-writer and fellow traveller….you were the best Andy, and we’ll love and miss you till the cows come home."

"We’d like to throw out a huge thank you to the amazing players who have stepped in for Andy over the last few years, often at short notice. We’re gathering these fabulous, talented, fun-lovin’ folk – Greg Field, Gleny Rae, Marni Sheehan, Nick O’Mara, Ian Tritt and Pete Fidler – and having a tribute to Andy on Sunday 29 May at the Union Hotel, Brunswick, 5-7 pm. We’d love you to join us and raise a glass to our little buddy, Andrew Carswell."

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