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Banjo Newsletter Offers 'Learning To Play Banjo in the New Millennium'

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Banjo NewsletterAnnapolis, MD, Oct. 31, 2011--The secrets of bluegrass banjo are no longer hidden behind a shroud of secrecy as they were in the past, but in many ways the pendulum has swung the other way. Today's banjo players are faced with a dizzying array of instructional options -- the problem is no longer where to find information,but with the mountain of choices available... where does one begin? Making these decisions can be an overwhelming process.

The November issue of the Banjo NewsLetter will consist of an overview and discussion of current learning and teaching methods, including instructional books and DVDs, banjo workshops and camps, on-line tutorials, Skype, website performances, and, of course, private lessons.

Features in this special issue of Banjo NewsLetter include Tony Trischka writing about his new on-line learning site, Tony Trischka's School of Banjo; Special Consensus banjo player Greg Cahill writing about private lessons; and Ned Luberecki and clawhammer player Mac Benford writing about banjo camps. We will also have contributions from a long list of experienced players and teachers, including Danny Barnes, Terry Baucom, Marc Horowitz, Pat Cloud, Murphy Henry, Wayne Shrubsall and Bob Carlin, along with our usual columnists: Pete Wernick, Tom Adams, Janet Davis, Ken Perlman, Casey Henry, Josh Turknett M.D., and more.

This themed issue will be of interest to anyone who has ever picked up a banjo. Please check out the Banjo NewsLetter website for article excerpts, and banjo sound files:

The Banjo NewsLetter is a 44-page monthly magazine for 5-string banjo players that has been published continually since 1973. In 2008 the International Bluegrass Music Association awarded Banjo Newsletter its Distinguished Achievement Award. For more information, please visit

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