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Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper - Video Phenom

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Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper recently had something pretty cool happen - a video captured backstage of Michael and Nathan Livers jamming on "Jerusalem Ridge" prior to the band's performance at ForestFest, went viral. And by "viral," we mean over 5.5 MILLION views since it was posted on June 24th via the InspireMore Facebook page!

Within a week of the video going up, activity on the band's Facebook page increased by more than 7000%, with their page likes increasing by 6,000. The band has since received a huge number of messages from people all over the world who had never even heard the term “bluegrass” before.

Here’s the video they posted. If you know someone who might be impressed, share it yourself and keep the chain going.

Michael Cleveland is one of the premier bluegrass fiddlers of his generation and, with ten International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Fiddle Player of the Year awards under his belt, he is the most awarded and celebrated fiddler in the history of the music.

Cleveland plays with so much fire, drive and virtuosity that audiences are often left shaking their heads in amazement. Together with his band Flamekeeper (four-time IBMA Instrumental Band of the Year Award winners) Cleveland delivers some of the most powerful, exciting and authentic bluegrass you can find.

The Atlanta Times gets down to the brass tacks of it; “Cleveland is as versatile as they come, but when it comes to straight-up bluegrass, whether it's a ‘bootstomper’ or a high-and lonesome lament, his peers are few and far between.” Clearly, this fiery fiddler’s story is just beginning and Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper's future preserving and innovating the bluegrass tradition has never been brighter.

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