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The Infamous Stringdusters Silver Sky Tour Begins this March

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Silver Sky TourThe Infamous Stringdusters say, "East Coast here we come! The Silver Sky Tour tour kicks off in March and is headed to a venue near you. We are amped to be returning to many of our favorite east coast spots this spring as we get the show on the road." These new tour dates are just the beginning of the Silver Sky Experience. More tour dates as well as a new studio album are in the works.

The band says they are starting to look ahead to all the amazing things 2012 has to offer, and they want to share some exciting news with you about their plans for the new year, and better yet find a way for you to be a part of it. Check out the band's tour page to find out where and when the band will be performing.

Once upon a time, bands would look to record labels to support/build business, but times have changed. The Infamous Stringdusters are a full time touring operation, with a base of amazing and loyal fans all over the world. It only makes sense that they start working with you, the people, to do great things and build something that we can all take part in together. This is the just the beginning. Get in touch with them and jump on board for what promises to be a very long journey...

The band is off to making a new album and they want you to make a pledge to help them see it through. Here's how it works... The band came up with a roster of exclusive items that you can pledge for. There's a variety of things from a digital download to a Skype session with us, even a private performance. The money that's raised will go directly to making the High Country CD Release Tour the best show experience we have ever unleashed. Now, on to the next best part.

Visit the Stringdusters on the web and see how you too can be a part of the Silver Sky Experience. width=

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