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Nu-Blu Starts Nu-Year Working on Nu-Gospel Album

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Nu-BluThe exciting new bluegrass music group, Nu-Blu, has been having great success with their current CD, Blu-Disc. They're not really a "new" group and next year will be the band's 10th anniversary. Nu-Blu announced that they decided to take the opportunity of the cold winter months to retreat to the warmth of the studio and begin work on their next Nu album. This album will be an all Gospel CD, and they are hoping to see a release date sometime late spring of 2012.

Through the years, Nu-Blu has worked hard to develop a group that would give the listener a diverse experience. By mixing their original songs along with traditional material, and even incorporating songs from other genres, the group has certainly created a unique and driving blend of music that keeps audiences coming back for more.

Nu-Blu was founded by husband and wife team, Carolyn and Daniel Routh. Carolyn, on bass, provides her trademark lead vocals with impressive clarity and vocal range and Daniel, on guitar, brings his songwriting and vocal talents to the group. The two young guns, Levi Austin (banjo and vocals) and Austin Koener (mandolin) fill out the ranks providing the band with a solid and talented backbone.

Carolyn and Daniel Routh, the founding members of Nu-Blu, make up half of this "hard-driving" band.  Carolyn began taking the stage at the age of 7.  Even though she attended many bluegrass events, the "bug" never really bit her.  In high school she was introduced to Broadway style musicals where she gained much knowledge and experience under the direction of Dr. Joanne Bowman.  In the years that followed, Gospel, Country, Blues and Rock and Roll all shaped and expanded her vocal style and achievements.  It was while fronting one of her bands, Faithful Journey, that she met Daniel Routh.

Daniel began playing guitar at the age of 15.  Banjo soon followed, which he played in the bands Different Directions and The Donna Hughes Band.  It was while playing in Donna's band that he and Carolyn met.  After a chance meeting in Wal-Mart, Daniel learned that Carolyn was in need of a bass player, so he agreed to learn bass to fill the spot.  After Faithful Journey disbanded, and a short time playing together in a classic rock band, they attended a festival that Carolyn's long time friend John Wade was performing at.  It only took till the second song by Lonesome River Band to bring Carolyn back to her roots.  "I have told Sammy Shelor many times that he is directly responsible for my bluegrass addiction," Carolyn says. 

Together they started Nu-Blu in the fall of 2003.  Through the music, the pair had become best friends.  During Thanksgiving weekend in 2003, Carolyn suffered two strokes and nearly lost her life.  She lost her speech and the use of her right side. Daniel was her constant companion through it all and never left her side in the months of rehab that followed.  On June 16, 2006, Daniel and Carolyn married and Carolyn often states, "There is nothing sweeter than taking the stage with your best friend and love standing right beside you. I'm having the time of my life."

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