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The Bluegrass Situation "Midnight Windup," Added To Americana Festival Slate

The Bluegrass SituationWhat do Ed Helms, Mumford & Sons bassist Ben Lovett and legendary BBC personality "Whispering" Bob Harris have in common? They're all presenting premiere showcases during Americana Music Festival, Sept. 18-22 in Nashville, TN. The Bluegrass Situation -- the online hub for everything Americana, Bluegrass, Roots, and Folk -- and Ed Helms bring together a cavalcade of their closest friends, favorite artists and surprise guests for a post Honors & Awards, late night bash at midnight, Wednesday, Sept. 18 at ONE, One Cannery Row.

We Have a Bluegrass Music Situation in Los Angeles

The Bluegrass SituationLos Angeles, CA -- Two LA Bluegrass sites have joined forces to create The Bluegrass Situation.. Joining the forces of Amy Reitnouer's local music blog Bluegrass LA and Ed Helms' LA Bluegrass Situation festival, The Bluegrass Situation aims to be the resource for enthusiasts and residents, showcasing local artists, venues, and upcoming shows. The new site will demonstrate to the world the amazing talent and local fanbase that Los Angeles, California has to offer.

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