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Doug Dillard

The Dirt Band's John McEuen on the Late Doug Dillard

Doug DillardBy John McEuen
My mentor, the person who showed me that music was exciting and fun to play on stage for people.. the one who was 'impickable' with the execution of his art.. Douglas Flint Dillard.. whose grin would hit the back of the wall from any stage he was on.. has passed away.

Entertainer and Banjo Player Doug Dillard, 75, Dies

Doug DillardThe eldest of the Dillard brothers, Doug Dillard passed away Wednesday night, May 16, 2012. He and his brother Rodney performed during the rise of the folk, bluegrass and acoustic scene of the '60s and '70s. The Dillards became household names as "The Darlings" on the Andy Griffith Show. Doug had been of ill health and passed away at a Nashville hospital Wednesday of a lung infection.

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