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Bluegrass Music from Japan and Sweden Travels Well in Guthrie, Oklahoma

Oklahoma International Bluegrass FestivaGuthrie, OK -- If the music you listen to hits just right, and if you listen often enough, part of it stays with you. Who knows if any of these grade school kids who came to Guthrie on a Friday morning field trip might someday pick up an instrument to play Bluegrass, but that's how it happens.

Maxida Märak Collaborates with Sweden's Downhill Bluegrass Band

Mountain SongsDownhill Bluegrass Band from Sweden is one of Europe's most prodigious and respected bluegrass music bands. they are well known and highly regarded in both Europe and the U.S. where they have toured several times. On invitation, they performed more than once at the IBMA Awards in Nashville on account of their excellent playing skills and unique sound, as well as their songwriting abilities.

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