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Great British Banjo Company

World's Largest Banjo Public Sculpture “Banjo of the East” Announced

Banjo of the East ConstructionThe company behind the Norfolk-made Shackleton banjo named after Edwardian explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is to create a giant banjo sculpture on the edge of Norwich, which the company claims will become as famous as Newcastle’s ‘Angel of The North’.

The Rise in Popularity of the Banjo

Shackleton BanjoThere was a time when the banjo was reserved for country and bluegrass musicians but the popularity of the instrument is growing, with more and more people picking up a banjo for its beautiful sound, accessibility and versatility. The Great British Banjo Company are happy to be at the forefront of the banjo resurgence in the UK.

Extreme Version of The Shackleton Banjo to be Played at South Pole

Shackleton BanjoNorwich, Norfolk, UK -- A special version of the British-made Shackleton banjo named after Edwardian explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is to become the first banjo to be played at the South Pole. The specially designed ultra-light instrument, called the Shackleton E100, will be designed and built by The Great British Banjo Company. The banjo will be trekked 1800 miles across Antarctica starting in November next year by a team following the route planned for Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition of 1914. Cybergrass covered the announcement of the Shackleton banjo in August.

Shackleton British Banjo Campaign a Top 5% Kickstarter Project

Shackleton BanjoNorfolk-based business The Great British Banjo Company has raised £43,000 on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, to fund development of the first affordable British banjo for more than 60 years. The company, headed by brand expert and author Simon Middleton and award-winning company chairman Nigel Cushion, has attracted support from more than 200 enthusiasts all over the world, who have all pledged money to the project.

First Video Footage of The Shackleton Banjo Prototype Released

Shackleton BanjoNorwich, Norfolk, UK -- Norwich, UK business The Great British Banjo Company, has released the first video footage of the prototype of the new Shackleton banjo: the first large-scale production British-made banjo in 60 years. The short video features an informal performance by three Norwich musicians, shot outside the company's Norwich city-centre workshop. The prototype Shackleton banjo is played by Mike King from local band 'Hayley Moyses & The Bluegrass Forum', whilst the company's high-end Islander Ash Leaf banjo is played by local singer-songwriter Solomon Amos. The pair are accompanied by bluegrass band leader Hayley Moyses on fiddle.

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