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Elkton Jam

Bluegrass Jam Sessions Return to Elkton, Virginia

Elkton JamThe Elkton Bluegrass Jam Sessions are held every Tuesday evening from 6 to 8 pm running to May 13th and returning in the fall after festival season. Listeners as well as pickers of all ages and abilities are welcome. There is no dress code, so just come as you are! The acoustic Jams are free and open to the public. A Bluegrass Jam session, like its Jazz cousin, is the practice of creating music by ear without written notation. It’s the creation of instant performing art and has been going on in the valleys, mountains, cabins, garages and front porches of eastern Rockingham County for over two hundred seventy-five years. Typically, musicians, young and old come together, take turns around the circle and play a variety of songs. These songs include instrumental pieces with individual solo breaks and bluegrass, traditional country or gospel songs often sung in 3-part harmony.

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