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America's International Bluegrass Music Association

IBMA LogoIt's called the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) but the association is about as International as the World Series is a global baseball game. Sure, the association has members who reside outside of our borders just as the World Series has ball players from other countries. But, it takes more than putting the word "International" into your name to actually be International. Nobody considers the World Series to be a global game and, for the most part, the people I know don't seriously consider the IBMA as an "International" association.

There are Awards and then, There are Awards

IBMA TrophyThis is the big week for the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) which, is holding their annual World of Bluegrass tradeshow, convention, awards show and FanFest festival. This is the big week for the professional members of the society to celebrate the year's achievements, see what's new and to network with others in the biz. This is also the week of bluegrass music's night where multiple awards are presented to the IBMA's members.

To Carry or Not To Carry? Once Burned, Twice Learned

Bob CherryCybergrass is known for carrying accurate and relevant information about bluegrass music but, every now and then, somebody attempts to take advantage of us and the exposure we offer. A few years ago, that is exactly what happened. We received numerous conflicting news items from competing parties and we set out to verify who was telling the truth and who was not. It turns out that one party was feeding us a lot of press releases that were all determined to be false in content. The opposing party was being amazingly neutral and honest.

A Complaint about Complaining

Bob Cherry"No good deed goes unpunished." That statement is certainly true in bluegrass journalism. That point was made this week because we didn't run a press release we received. We rarely run all of the press releases, announcements or articles that we receive for a variety of reasons. The most common is that there is no "newsworthy" content. Announcements of just another concert aren't newsworthy. When there is a special group reunion, celebration of some historic event, a interesting angle, dedicated purpose or other aspect that brings news into the announcement, we will try and carry the announcement. We however, don't run everything we receive and, we never have.

Artists and Labels Celebrating IBMA Award Nominations

IBMA Awards LogoIt's that time of year again when everybody is getting excited about the International Bluegrass Music Awards. The nominees were announced and now, the counts, cataloging and guessing begins. Each year, those who receive nominations give their thanks, honk their horns and start getting ready for the final countdown and the awards program which takes place during the International Bluegrass Music Association's World of Bluegrass trade show and gathering. align=

The Golden Age of Music and Audio

Teac A-4010 As many know, I spend a great deal of time each week in the restoration of vintage electronic equipment. I won't touch anything made in the last 40 years. I live in the world of the esoteric when quality really existed. It was found in equipment quality. I work on anything from tape decks and receivers to vintage aircraft avionics and radios. If its old, I'll work on it -- even tubes! Bringing old things back to life is a passion. Bring the old music back to life is a wonderful experience.

Defining Bluegrass is the Wrong Approach

WIBA?The "What Is Bluegrass Anyway" (WIBA) arguments flare up every now and again and they've come to light again recently. What constitutes a bluegrass song? What makes a festival a bluegrass festival? What is bluegrass music? The questions and, their entertaining and conflicting answers are always a mobius strip of circular argument. Part of it is fun but there is a serious side as well.

The New Copyright Infringement - News Article Piracy

Bob CherryThe bluiegrass music news sites, like Cybergrass, have been covering the music piracy issue and damage caused by the illegal coping of music for years. Now, it seems, we are the ones with others copying our material, in its entity, for their own use and profit. Some news piracy sites even claim copyright on the works of other web sites. In the past couple of months, I've found our content on multiple sites, being used without any notification or permission.

Charts, Charts and More Charts - But, Are They Meaningful?

Bob CherryIn bluegrass music, we have lots of bluegrass music charts. It seems that everybody has one today. About the only thing we don't have is a chart on the charts themselves. But, do these charts actually reflect anything of significance? Cybergrass ran a playlist chart when we had music on the site. Our chart was a rating of logged counts of music actually played. While not absolutely accurate, it did reflect our audience preferences and was trackable. It represented that and only that. It was not a revelation into what the entire bluegrass world perceived as best.

David Morris Article Reflects Truth of IBMA

Bob CherryA recent article, "IBMA at the Crossroads" was written by David Morris regarding the health, direction and status of the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA). It was a refreshing truthful look at the association solidly based on facts and sans the fluff and explanations we've seen in the past. With Morris' clear statement, it may now be possible to find a cure to the the IBMA's ailment.

Bluegrass Music Grows in Popularity with Exposure and Awareness

Bob CherryThe popularity of bluegrass music is growing and growing. The Internet, artists traveling further and further from their home, services for promotion such as AirPlay Direct and more all contribute to both an increased presence as well as the ability to introduce new people to the genre. New methods and exposure channels that are evolving are helping bluegrass to gain a wider audience and appreciation.

A Comment on the International Bluegrass Music Association

Bob CherryRecently, Chris Pandolfi, a professional member of the International Bluegrass Music Association and who performs with Infamous Stringdusters, wrote an illuminating article on his blog titled, Bluegrass Awards?. His piece reflects the views of many members and non-members alike. While this blog entry focuses on the association's International Bluegrass Music Awards, the roots of the problems are deeper than that.


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