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World Wide Bluegrass to Broadcast from Grey Fox

Gray FoxWorld Wide Bluegrass is proud to announce they will be broadcasting live for two days from the main stage at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival on Friday, July 18 and Saturday, July 19. Join WWB personality “The Other” Steve Martin as he presents music, interviews, observations and up-to-the-minute news from the festival site.

World Wide Bluegrass DJ Geoff Morris Died Yesterday

Geoff MorrisThe beloved DJ for World Wide Bluegrass passed away yesterday after losing his battle with cancer. The "Down Under" favorite DJ has provided hundreds of broadcasts as a volunteer for the WWB and was the webcaster's 2nd international DJ to sign on, after Terry Poirier. Geoff has visited what he lovingly called "Bluegrass America" and met many of his idols, the latest being Doc Watson, and he blogged about his travels and experiences at his website.

On-Air Benefit for Geoff Morris to Commence Today, Dec 31 through Jan 5

Geoff MorrisKnown for quite some time now as the World Wide Bluegrass' (WWB) single broadcaster hailing from the land "down under" the station's beloved DJ Geoff Morris, has been diagnosed with cancer of the sinus cavities (and beyond) . He is about to begin a regimented treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. With his permission, and gratitude, the WWB has decided to host a week long benefit for Geoff, "On-Air" where the station will be spinning songs for encouragement for his long hard battle against cancer that he must fight ahead./Images/GeoffMorris1212.jpg

World Wide Bluegrass Internet Radio Fundraiser Now On

WorldWideBluegrass.comLes Sears, an announcer with World Wide Bluegrass has announced to us that the annual fall fundraiser for WWB is on and will continue through October 1, 2011. He reminds us that listeners can always donate throughout the year but, now is the important period.

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