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The Roys: The View Provides Insight to Their Lives

 The ViewThe Roys have put together a project that shines some light into their personal lives. Elaine Roy shares some of her personal feelings in the opening track "No More Lonely." Those that have followed their social media commentary will find the relationship to this song and Elaine's personal journey. This fifth album of theirs is definitely the duo's greatest effort to date.

Nu-Blu Goes All the Way with Newest Album

All The WayAll The Way, the latest release by bluegrass artists, Nu-Blu, once again delivers. This album makes the bluegrass blue from start to finish. The tight artistry is a trademark of this outstanding band and this album is even tighter. Carolyn Routh's vocals on the tracks is soulful and emotional.

You'll Absolutely Love Tim Stafford's New Album

 Just to Hear the Whistle BlowTim Stafford of Blue Highway fame has wrapped up his latest project Just to Hear the Whistle Blow. I've listened to the album a few times now and this is probably his best solo effort yet. On this album, Tim performs a variety of acoustic guitar styles that are sure to please. Backed by some of the best in the acoustic biz -- Adam Steffey, Ron Stewart, Barry Bales, Stuart Duncan, John Gardner, Marty Raybon, Beth Snapp, and Steve Gulley, Tim has put together a collection of awesomely beautiful musicianship. Just to Hear the Whistle Blow is a reason to Just Hear Tim Stafford Play!

Better than Blue is Best of the New

Better Than BlueEver since the Trinity River Band hit the scene, I've been captured by their sound. Each release and performance better and better. By the time their 2013 release, Today Don't Look Like Rain, hit the streets, I was hooked. Then, came their newest project, Better Than Blue and I'm in awe at the artistry of this Harris family band. Better Than Blue may actually be better than many of the other recent releases.

Simply Put, Simply Bluegrass is Simply Marvelous

 Simply BluegrassCountry Family Reunion has put together a special bluegrass music collection titled, Simply Bluegrass. The collection is a series of programs spread out over 4 DVDs plus a backstage presentation DVD. The series does an excellent job of raising awareness of today's bluegrass music and the artists that drive it. Simply put, Simply Bluegrass is Simply Marvelous.

Review: Rhonda Vincent - “Only Me”

 Only MeIf there was ever any doubt about the ties between Bluegrass and Country music, Only Me, the latest Rhonda Vincent project, shows that there are bonds and they are real bonds. The dual album - Bluegrass and Country showcases Vincent's comfort level in both domains. Vincent's early career was in Country music and her migration to Bluegrass was a natural for the mandolin-vocalist. This album ties her early Country roots to her current Bluegrass stardom as the Queen of Bluegrass.

Terry Baucom Looking Good on "Never Thought of Looking Back"

Never Thought of Looking BackI've been aware of Terry Baucom's banjo expertise for many years. Bluegrass banjo artists that rise above the norm are the extreme. Scruggs, Crowe, Munde, Shelor and Terry Baucom are in that elite group. Terry Baucom has an instantly identifyable quality of timing and tone. He just makes that wood and steel sound sooooo gooood. That's the Terry Baucom style. There are banjo pickers and then, there is Terry Baucom!

Banjoland by Tom Neal is a Banjo Paradise

BanjolandA couple of months ago, I heard of a new album coming out by Tom Neal titled Banjoland. I've learned over time that if a new and exciting release comes out and, it comes out on the Patuxent Music label, that it deserves a listen. This time, however, it became an addiction. I can't stop listening to this album. The variety of style, emotion and perfection. holds me.

Alan Jackson Picks It Right on The Bluegrass Album

The Bluegrass AlbumCountry music's Alan Jackson ventured into the Bluegrass Music arena with his latest project, The Bluegrass Album. This is the first Country to Bluegrass artist to hit the mark and hit it dead center. Jackson is quite the bluegrass songwriter! His songs on the album are what makes this project so unique. Jackson literally nailed it with this release. This is bluegrass done right.

Gypsy Runaway Train by The Roys - A Track-by-Track Review

The RoysTuesday, June 4th, The Roys latest album, Gypsy Runaway Train hits the streets. That is a fitting way to say how the album gets released as the title describes how this dynamic sibling duo's lives exist on the road. Commenting on the name, Gypsy Runaway Train, "I wrote it with my friend Morry Trent," explains Lee Roy. "We wanted to capture the essence of the lives we lead as musicians. We are like gypsies on the run."

Rita Small Joins Prescription Bluegrass CD Review Team

Rita SmallPrescription Bluegrass is proud to announce the addition of broadcast veteran Rita Small to the talent line-up writing the CD Reviews for the Prescription Bluegrass Blog. Rita has been co-host of the Cincinnati, Ohio radio show Bluegrass in the Valley for the past eight years. She enjoys bringing listeners a mixture of bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, and new acoustic music every Saturday morning from 8am-10am EST.

Roads Well Traveled is Very Well Done!

Roads Well TraveledAward winning hall of famer and bluegrass music legend Doyle Lawson & Quicksliver have released another outstanding album, Roads Well Traveled. What I love about this album is the fullness of the music. The music doesn't come across as lacking anything. This album not only has that full Doyle Lawson sound, it also has a great collection of songs. This is why Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver have such a huge following.

SteelDrivers' Hammer Down Gets Great Reviews Prior to Feb 5 Release

Hammer DownThe three time Grammy nominated bluegrass-meets-soul band The SteelDrivers thread the roots of bluegrass music with the distinctive threads of their own design, bringing together country and soul to create their own unapologetic hybrid of new music with the old feeling. Hammer Down, their third release on Rounder Records, is set for release February 5, 2013.

Ricky Skaggs' “Music To My Ears” Receiving Critical Acclaim

Music To My EarsNashville, TN -- Critics coast-to-coast are raving about Ricky Skaggs' latest musical creation, Music To My Ears. The album, according to reviewers, mixes traditional and progressive influences while staying true to its bluegrass roots. Skaggs’ Music To My Ears was released from Skaggs Family Records on September 25, 2012.

John McEuen and Matt Cartsonis Highlight John's Long Career

John McEuenSaturday evening, John McEuen allowed the audience to participate in a new multi-media experiment, An Evening with John McEuen: A Career Retrospective that spans the career of this versatile songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor. The solo project, which included artist Matt Cartsonis, was supplemented by a large screen visual experience of historic stills and videos covering everything from the Dirt Band's beginnings to the Circle Album and more.


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