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Morning Bugle

John Hartford: Aereo-Plain/Morning Bugle—the Complete Warner Bros. Recordings

John Hartford New CD Two of the finest and most significant country /folk albums of the ‘70s, John Hartford’s Aereo-Plain and Morning Bugle are being re-issued by Real Gone Music with a new collection, Aereo-Plain/Morning Bugle—the Complete Warner Bros. Recordings.

Classic Digital Releases: Producer David Bromberg Reflects On Aereo-Plain

Aereo-Plain/ The classic early-1970s albums Aereo-Plain and Morning Bugle were recently re-released in digital form. Aereo-Plain was a groundbreaking album that connected traditional bluegrass with the music of that era. Sam Bush has said the record inspired his and other artists' work in newgrass. John was joined on the record by Vasser Clements, Norman Blake, Tut Taylor and Ricky Scruggs.

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